Stadhagaldr practice and diagram


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Image from my notebook related to ‘Awen, Odin, and Ravens’ post










Greeting the Sun of Summer:  directions and location

When: Sunday June 21st @ 5:45am
Where: El Paso TX.> Transmountain Road lookout facing east
What to bring: Yourself and any offerings (please make sure they are bio-degradable, food or something similar)  or requests of the healing Sun. Perhaps a Drum as well.

This is something I like to do and thought I’d invite others. This was done a few years back as a group event and many attended.

This will be an open and very casual event at one of the lookout points on Transmountain Rd. in El Paso, TX.  According to the Sunrise of June 21st will be at 06:01 am.

I plan a very simple welcoming of the Sun on the morning of June 21st as a devotion to her warmth and healing.  Any rite held will be done with few words, but will offer the chance for those present to offer gifts to the Sun (in whatever form you know her/him) for healing, vitality, or general blessings.

The lookout point selected is the first one you come across on Transmountain when starting on the East side and the last when getting on Transmountain from the West.  See pics>

from the west going east
from the west going east
from the east going west
from the east going west
Location marked Red
Location marked Red

Official time of midsummer isSunday, June 21, 2015 at 10:39 AM MDT




Directions to Memorial Park for Heathen group meet:

Directions from the West of El paso;  take  I-10 going East, exit Copia go north (toward mountain) turn left on Copper to enter Memorial Park and left on Grant to site of meeting.  Group will be near the parking turn around on your left.  The last photo shows the location of the meet-up.








Pamphlet from a Mega-church warning about the evils of Halloween:

ALFC_Halloween Pamphlet



Documents for SigrBlot April 21st, 2012

Participants with parts should bring the full script.

Attendees could review the chants and be fine, or bring along to rite.

This PDF is the full rite. All words and actions.

This PDF is only the chants that will be used. One page in length.

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