A strange bit of synchronicity

Started reading Kenneth Grant’s Outside the Circles of Time…Here’s a look at the cover

I also was playing a bit of Pinball today and here’s a look at the backglass of the machine:

Super similar in a number of ways.  I keep my eyes open for these types of odd occurrences.  This was just too interesting to ignore.  Except for Elvira, the two are eerily similar, and I do mean eerily…if you’ve read any of Grant’s works you know what I’m talking about.

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another journal

I’ve begun keeping a Synchronicity journal..

This phenomena has just continued to heighten in my life, synchronicity is a topic that most people in the occult world are aware of and mostly take for granted. Many magicians don’t take it seriously enough in my opinion.

Mostly I hate divination, i think it’s inaccurate and think of it more like cheating.  If the powers that be – if there be any powers that be – or life, or truth, or the great universe between all thought wanted you to know your fate or your tomorrows why wouldn’t it just tell you.

Synchronicity is that telling, the words are events, and they convey what the underlying topic of the day or week or month that the universe (Gods, Truth,mythic reality) is trying to get you to see may be.  I don’t really think anyone can know the future.  Synchronicity is not about the future, but about the present, your now and what your ignoring in your life by going about your day asleep in the tedium of daily errands.

This journal is not an everyday journal, only when events compile in such a way that force me to recognize a common pattern is it noted.