Mystery Voyage

So, today I printed out a map of my zip code and attempted to pinpoint an energy spot in my city.


Using a pendulum and some string to find the point was simple.  Prior to starting I sat down and centered and also performed a simple banishing while seated before the map.  The pendulum was used to indicate two lines over the map,  if the lines merged I would take it to mean that a point of energy or portal was at this spot.  I didn’t specify strength or what type of portal/energy, merely that one be found.

The lines merged.  Following the pendulum detective work I got in the car and drove to the location not too far from my home, but far enough to allow for a drive.

The tools I took were simple and unique:

1. a homemade dowsing rod

2. digital voice recorder

3. And a nintendo DS with the game Treasure World.

The location was residential.  One side of the street was houses the other was the perimeter of a golf course.  At the time this didn’t strike me as unique, but thinking about it now this could indicate a place between, a bridge between two very different aspects of life, or a place where time is thought of as different and therefore oddly changed because of this polarity.

So here’s where the game comes in.  Treasure World is a unique game; One uses it to hunt for virtual treasure in the real world.  As you walk around in the real world the game picks up WiFi signals and converts these signals into in-game treasure.  The reason why it can be used as a communication device is because it assigns these WiFi points unique names – sometimes these names are just names given to the Wireless router by the home owner – but more often the names are given titles of fictional Stars or Galaxies within the games universe.  And these can be very unique…

Energy or Portal?

I was curious to see what would come up, and if the names/titles held any messages that may indicate why the spot was important energetically speaking.

I parked and got the game going and I also sat in the car with my dowsing rod.  Though I didn’t get out and walk around on this visit I tried to get a feel for the place.  Honestly I wasn’t relaxed enough, I was excited and hurrying through the process…next time I will be more calm.  The fact that there is a sliced up tree at the spot is a neat coincidence, one I think is important.  Also the spot coincides with a tee-box…need to find out which hole it is, perhaps the number may have some importance.

The dowsing rod spun clockwise when asked if this was the right spot.  It did it so fast that I cleared it and asked again.  This time the result was the same but slower in its spin.

The game chimed, an indication that it had found a signal.  It found two signals and assigned them the names of Dexamenus and Punchinello.

What do these names mean?

Punchinello has a few Wikipedia and some other interesting hits,  Google images comes up with this and I found this as well:


Dexamenus has some good stuff as well to mull over.


It was a fun sacred landscape experiment and the names given are cause for some research.

I’ll be getting over there a little bit more to see if I can feel anything from the area or if there is an entity associated with the place that can communicate.


Psych Swinger

An ongoing interest of mine is psychic archeology.

I took a college course about a year ago entitled Popular Archeology which tore apart many of the things that modern society is being flooded with ever since Ancient Alien theory, science fiction, superhero (meta-human), and conspiracy theory have become more exposed and mainstream due to the internet.

The course was interesting, but of course the professor in charge was completely closed to any possibility outside of the scientific process.  I respect that process…but why should it be the only process?

Anyway, that’s not where I wanted to go with this post…cuz I don’t really care about proving anything to be true or false.

So, I’m going to begin some psychic archeology experiments, and probably post some of the results here.  I’m not sure exactly when I became interested in this subject…but my opinion is that many people who find the landscape, urban or natural, mysterious and magical are drawn to exploring it, or relating to the landscape in unconventional (non-modern) ways.

I’ve a read a few books on the subject, but have never been able to get hold of the seminal work, The Black Alchemist by Andrew Collins.  Trying to pin that sucker down has been a quest all of its own.  Libraries with a copy won’t part with it and it can be pricey to buy, but I’m still trying to get it via inter-library loans and won’t stop till I get it.

I’ve been keeping tabs on a gentlemen I really like to watch: Occult Experiments in the Home  .  Though he doesn’t get into psychic archeo (PA) specifically the spirit is the same.

I think I may start my PA experiments by printing out maps of local urban and wilderness areas that are accessible and employ a divination method similar to that seen in the video to point me in the right direction