Days of the week – Prayers




Great son of the ancient earth, May I be brave this day as you are brave; May I know strength this day as you are strong; May I know courage this day as you are courageous; May I trust and defend the goodness of my brothers and sisters as you know and defend the goodness of mankind. Great son and friend of man on this day, Thors-day, may you be named and remembered!
 Thors Prayer





Great Lady of Asgard, May I be wise this day as you are wise; May I be patient this day as you are patient; May I know the peace of silence as you know that peace; May I use my words calmly and concisely as you employ your words rationally and rarely.
Great Lady of Asgard on this day, Frigs-day, may you be named and remembered!
Frigga’s Prayer





Great Lady of Illumination, May I be bright this day as you are bright; May I be swift of thought as you are quick across the sky; May I shine this day as you shine; May my will be sure and clear as you are bold and radiant.
Great Lady of Illumination on this day, Sunna’s-Day, may you be named and remembered!
Sunna’s Prayer





Great Son of Night, May I be steadfast as you are steadfast; May I realize time as an asset as you hold it fast; May I know the blessings of prayer as you bless the dark; May I trust that there will be a well lit path just as you will always be brilliant in darkest night.
Great Son of Night, Great ‘Gleamer’ and ‘Teller of Time’ on this day, Moons-Day, May you be named and remembered!
Mani’s Prayer





Great Father of Order, May I be honest as you are honest this day; May I know and live my Troth this day as you know and live yours this day; May I stand tall this day as you radiate from above; May I seek betterment via my sacrifices as you have sacrificed for the good of all.
Great Father of Order on this day, Tyrs-Day, may you be named and remembered!
Tyr’s Prayer





Great Father of Mystery, May I be impassioned this day as you are passionate this day; May I seek answers this day as you seek answers this day; May I sing strongly this day as you sing this day; May I walk a road of bold decisions and wise ways as you great Walker and Seeker travel nine worlds of foe and friend, word and deed, lore and story.
Great Father of Mystery on this day, Wodan’s-Day, may you be named and remembered!
Odinn’s Prayer



Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!

Look to this Day for it is Life,

the very Life of Life.

In it’s brief course lie all the Varieties

And Realities of your Existence;

The Bliss of Growth,

The Glory of Action,

The Splendor of Beauty;

(Salutation of the Dawn (Hindu) taken from Pagan Prayer by Mary Ellis Ryan,1913. pg.68)

I’ve been conducting a prayer at dawn lately.  Every other day I get up with the sunrise and prior to turning on any lights in the home welcome the dawn.

Essentially my greeting is to hold my hands up to the light of the rising sun, then touch my palms to my forehead, then to my heart.

Phrasing is usually off the cuff, but something like; First light of day infuse my mind with Intent this day; First light of day may my heart be bright with Wisdom this day: Delling, light of the dawn, bless me with your light.

Each affirmation follows the palms to the dawn posture, followed by touching the palms to head or body, or the corresponding location.

I started this about seven months ago, but only began to do it in a consistent fashion recently.  After watching the TV show 30 days, I found that a Navajo families tradition of running toward the dawn then honoring the sunrise in a similar fashion to what I’ve listed very inspiring. Link to Episode