Run by the alcove

When out for a run a few days ago a cat caught my attention.  My run usually takes me around a large catholic parish, this parish is a whole city block contained within a 5ft high rock wall.

I’ve been meaning to sit down in the small alcove that the parish has setup in the heart of it’s complex…this alcove has a very large fountain spilling into a well somewhat hidden within a grove of trees, benches are both within and around the grove.  In the middle of the fountain in a dug out area stands what I assume is a figure of the Virgin Mary.  Being that I’ve felt somewhat awkward about it I’ve never gone and sat down within the alcove.

Running along the wall, a small cat leapt up from the other side and quitly hunched there watching my progress, steadily eyed me as I passed.  I went another time around, and again the cat did the same thing, I took this as a sign and halted my run and walked into the complex toward the alcove.

The reason for this thread is this; Why haven’t we as a pagan community supplanted our own groves and alcoves into the heart of a city where a passer-by could stop and refresh him/herself.  I was jealous sitting there in the quiet of night, the water falling into the well, the cat leaping at moths and mosquito’s as I thought.  I hope those catholics out there appreciate what a wonder it is to have such a place.

Granted some cities do have places like this setup by their cherished pagan few, but generally one has to be a part of a community to know of them and then usually only by invitation can one attend.

I think we neo-occultists as a whole should begin leaving offerings near trees in parks, I know I do.  Maybe that stump in the park will begin to grow in reputation as a place where Brigid can be heard, or that old oak near the bank holds a small carved Frigga and it is there that I can bestow my offerings to the great seeress.

What an awesome idea.