Lights of Marfa

A few nights ago, after work, I got in the car and drove roughly 3 hours to a small town in Texas called Marfa.  Me and my nephew had been wanting to explore the well known light phenomena of this area for awhile. Well, mostly I wanted to, but he has an interest in such things, and he has an odd enough schedule that allows him and his uncle to spend time together.

So the Marfa lights have a fairly rich history, and if you’re at all familiar with UFO phenomena, ancient mysteries, or literature about earth energies you’ve probably come across this topic before.  I’m not going to rehash the legends and hypothesis that one finds with Marfa…just be aware that it is a Mystery and remains so.


viewing area

We arrived at the official viewing area at about 1am and left around 4am.  It was a spectacular night full of stars with a half moon that eventually dropped below the western horizon about 2:30am.  It was windy and cold, as is normal for this area of west Texas in spring.  We stood outside for about an hour, then got in the car to avoid the cold.   Prior to getting in the car I commented to my nephew that lights to the west had appeared but that I had internally dismissed them as the small towns street-lamps 4 or 5 miles back the way we had come.  When I stood taller to look over the horizon I could tell there were no visible city lights…maybe I had seen the lights of Marfa I thought.

Once in the car and out of the cold we sat for about an hour eating snacks and talking.  Lights began to appear in the south, small wispy looking things near and above a communications tower.  A single light would begin to the left and move to the right, it would disappear and then wink back to life a short distance away.  To the west more appeared and these would dance about a bit then fade away.

As we watched and discussed what was happening, I found myself narrating the events.  I would consciously voice how the things were moving…”Left, Right, Down, then Up.”  I joked about it but I realized that I was looking for confirmation of what I was seeing, because as I watched and as we sat there the phenomena became more intense.

To the South another orb appeared, we had been waiting for another half hour for something to happen following a series of orbs appearing and disappearing.  We were discussing what we thought it could be.  We were ruling out various things like cars and trains and airplanes.  I had read a number of testimonies prior to planning the trip, and found it interesting that some people go night after night and don’t see anything, while others see them as though it’s expected.  This led to me ruling out very easily that cars and other vehicles couldn’t account for much of the phenomena simply because there would have to be some amount of traffic nightly;  the route is a well travelled road for truckers.

Official Mystery Notice

It was then that another orb appeared and like the rest it lazily drifted above the horizon and made it’s way to the right then disappeared.  This time it didn’t reappear but another did appear some distance away to the right and shortly another alongside it.  They moved together, and then joined, and the single orb continued to move as though it was climbing a hill.  In fact I said to my nephew that it looked like a motorcycle light, and it was hard to dismiss this from my rational mind.  When the light split again into two I felt it was heading for us, growing larger.  I said out loud that there has to be a mountain road back there, that it had to be a cars headlights, but I knew it was too close to be that and that a car would have to be hovering to be in the spot it appeared to be.  The lights merged again and then were gone.

As we continued to watch more lights come and go, they became even more odd in their movements.  Some spiralled up and down, others darted left then right, back and forth, and seemed very erratic.

I commented on the fact that they were making me a bit nauseous, that I was feeling dizzy watching them.  I wanted to make sure that I voiced this both to have confirmation from my nephew about this feeling and to make sure that I was placing the memory of asking about it into my rational and everyday mind.  I felt weird asking about this, but he very quickly said he was feeling similar things.
The lights also changed as they moved.  At one point I saw a light emit a pulse of red and blue/green separate from its main form.

When we decided to leave we had been sitting for about 20 minutes without a light appearance.  I think we both were incredibly awestruck about what we experienced.  I know I didn’t expect such a show.

I have noticed that when I am confronted with mysterious occurrences it is best to write them down immediately or to vocalize the event – even if you’re alone.  Just from personal experience I find my rational self forcing strange occurrences  into a dreamy and hazey region of unbelief, and they can easily become like dreams and difficult to remember.  By vocalizing these occurrence as they happen or by writing them down immediately, one cannot lose the experience quite so readily.

I am including a small video of a Marfa expose from the 80’s.  This is well worth the time to watch…pay attention to the soundtrack for this piece, it’s really a fun and eerie piece of work.


Positive is up

Over at the Hidden Experience blog, Mike Clelland has written a piece called Ignoring.

To sum up the post:  Mike attended a UFO conference where he was involved in a group event where the participants shared ‘contact’ experiences.  Mikes Blog delves into the multitude of odd events that float around  ‘Contactee’, UFO phenomena,  and the Visitor experience.  This particular post finds Mike in a group led by a woman who only wants to focus on positive experiences and seems to go out of her way to ignore anyone who may have lived through something a bit more frightening.

Positive is up

This post was incredibly interesting to me because it picked at one of the faulty premises an explorer of the mysterious finds along the way.

There are several pitfalls that impede such an explorer, but the big one is fear.  This fear can take many shapes and one of them is confronted when left without clear definitions in which to hold mysterious occurrences that give way to a rising need to force one upon them.  Some choose to assign labels like good and bad to them, or list them like a check list of positives and negatives, or to simply ignore the fact that Mystery sometimes plays the villain.

I have had extremely frightening experiences, I’ll put that out fairly bluntly. I don’t think fear or fright is a bad thing, it can motivate us toward full realization and enhances our awareness.  And when we are confronted with something that is wholly outside of ourselves and the strict realities we have constructed we experience a break down.  That break down begins with fear – fear that everything is not as true as we thought – and that fear forces us to expand our world view and our mind view.

As a Pagan, and one who is involved in his community, I find the personal experiences of others very interesting.  And I have to admit that I don’t always believe what people share.  I find people quick to share what should be deeply personal experiences suspect.  And even more, I find those who experience only bright and sunny interactions with gods, spirits, ‘visitors’, ancestors or any other non-human physical or psychological phenomena to be even less believable.

I think there’s an absolute shit your pants fright that comes from sharing space with things not usually in our reality tunnel (as Robert Wilson would put it).

One of the faulty premises of Paganism is that it attracts fantasists.  I think this is true to a certain degree.  I think it’s true because many come to Paganism not understanding that it is a faith and a religion of foundation and reality and not of anarchy and imaginative self delusion.  Pagans are responsible for the creation of society as we know it, they were the builders of the first civilizations, they were the level-headed originators of law, order, and community.  I wish more Pagans today would embrace that fact, instead of living in and moving toward a false paradigm lost in the pages of whimsy.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for irrational thinking in religion, but that irrationality needs to be filtered through a foundation of Now and Presence, Foundation and Fact.  When we begin lieing to ourselves about the Mystery, we begin on a road that forces us into the world of precise definition and the need to convince others that the answers are this or they are that.

That said,  Mystery is sometimes found to lie outside of rationality.  Mystery doesn’t care about dualist notions and limiting definitions.  To be a Mystery explorer means to understand that I should be ready to live with truth that doesn’t hold to my preconceptions of what it is or can be.  What is perceived as bad or evil may be outside of what the Mystery, whatever that may be, understands.  Things, Vistors, gods – what have you – may not and probably do not exist in a defined world of moral right and wrong, or bad and good, or what we will understand as fright or experience as awe.

Be aware brave explorer that if you have experiences that fail to inspire or you meet gods that wield clubs of nerf you may not have entered the zone of Mystery but instead may not have left your own head.