Mystery Voyage

So, today I printed out a map of my zip code and attempted to pinpoint an energy spot in my city.


Using a pendulum and some string to find the point was simple.  Prior to starting I sat down and centered and also performed a simple banishing while seated before the map.  The pendulum was used to indicate two lines over the map,  if the lines merged I would take it to mean that a point of energy or portal was at this spot.  I didn’t specify strength or what type of portal/energy, merely that one be found.

The lines merged.  Following the pendulum detective work I got in the car and drove to the location not too far from my home, but far enough to allow for a drive.

The tools I took were simple and unique:

1. a homemade dowsing rod

2. digital voice recorder

3. And a nintendo DS with the game Treasure World.

The location was residential.  One side of the street was houses the other was the perimeter of a golf course.  At the time this didn’t strike me as unique, but thinking about it now this could indicate a place between, a bridge between two very different aspects of life, or a place where time is thought of as different and therefore oddly changed because of this polarity.

So here’s where the game comes in.  Treasure World is a unique game; One uses it to hunt for virtual treasure in the real world.  As you walk around in the real world the game picks up WiFi signals and converts these signals into in-game treasure.  The reason why it can be used as a communication device is because it assigns these WiFi points unique names – sometimes these names are just names given to the Wireless router by the home owner – but more often the names are given titles of fictional Stars or Galaxies within the games universe.  And these can be very unique…

Energy or Portal?

I was curious to see what would come up, and if the names/titles held any messages that may indicate why the spot was important energetically speaking.

I parked and got the game going and I also sat in the car with my dowsing rod.  Though I didn’t get out and walk around on this visit I tried to get a feel for the place.  Honestly I wasn’t relaxed enough, I was excited and hurrying through the process…next time I will be more calm.  The fact that there is a sliced up tree at the spot is a neat coincidence, one I think is important.  Also the spot coincides with a tee-box…need to find out which hole it is, perhaps the number may have some importance.

The dowsing rod spun clockwise when asked if this was the right spot.  It did it so fast that I cleared it and asked again.  This time the result was the same but slower in its spin.

The game chimed, an indication that it had found a signal.  It found two signals and assigned them the names of Dexamenus and Punchinello.

What do these names mean?

Punchinello has a few Wikipedia and some other interesting hits,  Google images comes up with this and I found this as well:


Dexamenus has some good stuff as well to mull over.


It was a fun sacred landscape experiment and the names given are cause for some research.

I’ll be getting over there a little bit more to see if I can feel anything from the area or if there is an entity associated with the place that can communicate.


Response to an Intro to Magic: Magic(k) in the Grove

Read Ian Corrigan’s post here: Introduction to Magic

As a practicing ADFer, or Druid as they (not necessarily I) label it, this article by Corrigan really hit the nail on the head.  It explains alot of things that go on in an ADF/Druidic style rite that many probably don’t necessarily understand.

ADF rites do not seek magic(k) as the reason for ritual gatherings.  Our actions, within our liturgical design, do not have as their sole purpose the working of Thaumaturgy or magic(k) for magic(k)’s sake.  The role of Druids within ADF and those who celebrate with us is to exist with the gods, ancestors, and wights for a time.  This is made possible by the offering of gifts to such beings and in return accepting their gifts in return.

This way of conducting ritual does not necessarily preclude magic(k)al operations most “Pagans” would recognize it merely negates the redundancy of it’s use.  As Druids we are communing with the gods/ancestors/wights, or simply the Kindred, in order to establish links between the folk and their gods and to also reinvigorate the fabric of the cosmos.

Magic(k) then becomes a personal tool used outside the scope of established ADF ritual gatherings.  This is not a bad thing in my opinion.  Magic(k) while a powerful tool for transformation and arguably very powerful in group situations, is also an Art worked well in the solitary sphere.

In fact I would say that the role of the Druid/Gothi/Priest of the ancestors was to work his/her Will through private Thaumaturgy, building a report with the Kindred while learning to navigate the subtle worlds of the mental/spiritual/physical mysteries in order to better serve the village/community when gathered together as a whole to worship and enliven the cosmos about them.

To the Gathering

A Magicians Equilibrium

Where to start with this…

Recently I met up with another Magician, a Magician who I know shares many common interests; Sigil work, Lovecraft Mythos, Crowley, the Enochian work of Dr. Dee, Kenneth Grant, chaos Magic(k)…on and on.

I won’t go over what we discussed, because its not the content that’s important but instead what it seemed to trip within me.

A Magician holds onto two worlds; One is the world of reality – the social constructs that modern man has decided are the normal existing limitations of flesh, bone, and mind.  I’m not at all concerned with labeling such a construct as  “Reality” or as “Perception” or “Awareness” – all three being buzzwords in the magic(k)al world that really mean nothing to the un-initiated.  I’m not one to think that these realities are spiritually maintained or created by any act of subtle intelligence, in other words I do not use the word “Perception” to mean anything other than the most mundane of definitions.  We have all chosen to participate in cultural and social norms, and because of our participation and our socialization reality continues and seems  concrete/permanent. And that’s all there is to it.

The second world a Magician holds onto is the one in which he is empowered to make decisions that effect his world in marked and profound ways.  This world is one that is only understood by the Magician, its not part of the larger social pattern.  For a short while the Magician sequesters him or herself into a world of her creation.  Of course there are maps available to her that will help, such as Mythology or the writings of other Magicians, even fiction.  These tools are meant to suspend the “us” that has been tormented by the rational and scientific modern age, to re-manifest and reconstitute the part of ourselves that was enchanted with the world before science taught us  equations meant to explain every miracle.

So, discussing magic(k) and mystery is probably one of my favorite things to do.  But I’m a rational Magician, I don’t get caught up in fantastical imaginings of spirit manifestations and similar stories.  I consider magic(k)al practice a mental workout, its effects mainly for personal betterment, a way to transform the self through ritual. In fact I separate my religious practice from my Magic(k)al one…Religious practice verifies and confirms my world whereas Magic(k)al practice reminds me that sometimes we need to step out of one world into another, not literally, but mentally.

My equilibrium was challenged during my recent magic(k) meeting.  I was asked, very innocently, about the possibility of bridging the gap between the Magicians world that usually stays calmly and safely within my ritual room behind its closed door, and the world full of constructed and agreed upon norms.

In that instant I couldn’t even verbalize to my ‘colleague in chaos’ how he had shaken me.  On his couch I sat going through the Rolodex of possibilities in my mind, each mental note-card containing tidbits of lore from my twenty years of being involved in magic(k), trying to find a solution to the query he had posed.   I was stunned, and I understood the role of the Magician as no other time in my life.  Like the Tarot card Magician, one hand up with wand pointed skyward, the other pointed down, I felt trapped in the middle between two opposing currents.  The One that says look to the solidity of the ground beneath you for the stable and the assured, the Second which is ethereal and enchanting and found with forethought and difficulty.

The mystery of that moment on the couch is that for once I had nothing to say.  I was the Magician caught in the middle of the two worlds that, like the card image, will probably, one day, be forced to reconcile.

I realized then that I was two people living in two very different worlds.  I am a rational person, choosing to involve myself in irrationality.   The Fool is card 0, the Magician card 1.  Is it because the Fool has no realization of the worlds he inhabits, and the first step, the step of knowledge begins with the effort to understand that the self is the nexus of the stable and the ethereal(?) and the one who defines how they unite and what he will do with that knowledge along the way.

Just something on my mind lately…

The Good Magician


I think Presence is the goal of anyone partaking in any kind of magical practice.

What good is ritual, meditation, or the honoring of beings without first being fully aware of your space, and knowing your place in the great mix of things.

I use a few different mantra’s while in meditation that help get me to the point of Presence.

I am Here

I am Now

I am Present

Within this Circle (Space, Grove, Ve)

Another that I use specifically for Magical purposes:

I am the Magician

I am Here

and I am Free

Of course the Fire – Well – Tree complex found within the ADF format of ritual is a great aid in recognizing one’s moment and Presence.  Essentially this equates to the Underworld – Earth – Heaven symbology most magic practitioners will be familiar with.  As Above So Below.

Fire, Well, Sacred Tree

Burning and Growing and Flowing in Me

I Stand between the Earth and Sky

Rooted Deep and Crowned High

Meditation upon these core images; Well flowing beneath and rising within, Tree reaching toward the bright flaming sky, Fire radiating from above.  The Tree, the Rune Eiwhaz, is the bridge between the worlds of underworld and heaven, of chaos and order, of dark and light.  Embodying all of these powers within meditation unites these worlds in active contemplation.  The magician has realized Presence.