Morning Everyday Practice

My daily morning practice:

-Sit or Stand before Shrine/Hallows/Altar/, My tradition calls for a representation of the Sacred Tree, Fire, and Well.

“I come this day to keep the ways of my Ancestors,
To keep the ways of the Aesir and Vanir,
and to keep the ways of the Gothi and Gothar.”

-Light Candle-


” Today I sit beside the Sacred Well, of Hverglmir, Mimir, and Urd – waters of life, Of first wisdom and chaos.”
– Drop coin into waters.
” May the waters of the well rise this day in this Grove and Ve.”


” I sit beside the Sacred flame of living and life,
beneath the great sun and immortal sky and the fires of reason, power, and passion.’
-Drop a pinch of spice or incense into flame-
” May the fires flame here this day in this Grove and in this Ve.”


” I sit beside the Sacred Tree, great Yggradisil,
holder of all worlds,’
-Smudge of oil onto Tree representation-
” May the Tree rise here from earth to sky, from chaos to reason this day, in this Grove and Ve.”

Brief pause for reflection on Well, Tree, and Fire

” Fire , well , and Sacred Tree
Grow and Flame and Flow in me.
I Stand between the Earth and Sky,
Rooted deep and crowned high.”

-Dip fingers into Well and aspurge area-
” May the Waters of Well open as a gate, that my words may resound within.”
-Hold hands over the flame to feel the warmth of the flame or light incense-
” May the fires of the Flame open as a gate this day that my words may a-light within.”
-hold staff or touch Tree icon-
” May the great Tree open as a Gate that this day, that all worlds may know my words and deeds.”

Brief pause for reflection on opening of gates.

At this point I conduct any work I have planned for the morning. This could be silent meditation – offerings to gods, beings, ancestors – Stadhagaldr (Rune yoga) – Blessings or Workings for health/prosperity or the like on behalf of relatives or myself.

Once the work is finished I close the devotional

“I go this day warmed by the Fire, refreshed by the Well, and sheltered by the Tree.
With Joy, Beauty, and Compassion in me.”
-This is said while feeling the warmth of the flame, touching the tree, and touching the waters.
Address any beings offered to and dismiss with love and honesty or Contemplate the brief devotional and what has occurred.

“By Will and Right, Troth and Might, finished this day is this Rite.”
-Blow out candle and wait for smoke to dissipate before leaving room, altar, or harrow.






I’m reading a book that details a fictional culture that venerates Ancestors.  In every home there is an Altar setup for an Ancestor, a specific Ancestor whom, when honored appears and gives advice to the head of the household.  In this novel series the Ancestor Altar is the focus of the home, large and ornate, it holds items loved by the Ancestor during his/her life.

The reason I’m writing this is that I was wondering, for those of us that venerate our Ancestors in a similar manner – giving offerings, bestowing gifts of food and drink – if we are truly listening.  A scene in the novel has the head of the house honoring the Ancestor, but not heading his/her advice.

Are we truly listening for the good and the bad, and for the advice that maybe we don’t want to hear? When we ask for the wisdom they offer are we prepared to receive it?  Or are we merely placating our own hubris and believing that our Ancestors would have only praise and adoring words for us?  I’m reminding myself today that just as our family still living can have harsh lessons and truthful words to help us get back on track, our Ancestors, the honored dead, maybe can and will do the same if we’re ready to truly listen.

Day of the Dead Altar @ University