Morning Dev and More

My morning devotionals have gotten a bit side tracked since I started back at school this summer.  Since I leave the house very early it has been difficult to get time in front of my Altar on a daily basis.

I do a devotional every morning as part of a Religious discipline, sometimes that includes offerings presented to deities or ancestors and sometimes it’s other things.  I know Religion is a bad word to most Pagan folk, but that’s what it is..It’s a practice, a spiritual one, and sometimes it involves dealing with powers that I think are outside of myself..sounds religious to me.

I’ve finally gotten into the groove this week, and I’m now at least able to align myself with the gates- Fire, Well, Tree – and reflect for a few minutes before finishing up with Stadhagaldr (Rune Yoga).

One thing I do not like to do before my Altar is seem rushed, so if I feel I won’t have enough time to do an aligning, meditation, and Stadhagaldr…I will simply do an honoring to the dawn, naming Delling and asking for his blessing of bold light throughout the day.  Hailing the dawn as a Heithni practice can be found in the Landnámabok. I have a separate east facing window sill Altar just for Delling that holds a few baubles.

It’s important to note that Delling is merely the Dawn and not the full aspect of the Suns power.  Delling is honored as the initiate of the day, the light that precedes the sunrise.

Lately I’ve also begun working more with the Younger Futhark instead of the conventional Elder Futhark.  I’m still using the Elder for Stadhagaldr and other magic(k)al practices, but using the Younger for basic omen taking and divination needs.  I haven’t quite analyzed why I’ve switched, but for right now I’m enjoying the condensed information of the Younger and it warrants more exploration.

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