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Currently I’m thinking about renewing my Clergy studies within ADF.  Before beginning I may inquire about some possible changes that can be made to how the material submitted can be reviewed.  Right now Clergy related material is reviewed, upon submission, by one person.  I see this as flawed. Certainly material that has been presented to the Mother Grove, and diligently worked on by the Member, should be given the chance to be seen by more than one individual – Doesn’t it demand the opinion of more than one person before receiving a nay or yay?

That’s my main beef with ADF’s programs.  The work is rigorous, it is not easy by any means, and it is expected to be academically sound.  So shouldn’t the work then be overseen by more than one individual?  What if the person reviewing the work doesn’t like the submitter, for whatever reason?  What if there is a bias concerning a topic of study?  We are human, and humans have opinions, habits, mindsets, and reading preferences that may conflict with anothers.

I’ve also just come from seeing a friend in the hospital, she is also an ADF member, and a fellow grove member.   It angers me to see that Pagan Clergy are nearly unheard of in such settings.  We had a very serious discussion about this, and about how in times like these Grove members constitute Clergy for each other.  Which I don’t have a problem with…but shouldn’t we as Pagans have Clergy on the Hospital Clergy list alongside Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists?  Maybe someday that will happen….

Getting ready for summer semester at school..Being an older student really makes me accept the University experience as a gift, and I remind myself of this daily..it makes it easier to get back to the books.

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