The Good Magician


I think Presence is the goal of anyone partaking in any kind of magical practice.

What good is ritual, meditation, or the honoring of beings without first being fully aware of your space, and knowing your place in the great mix of things.

I use a few different mantra’s while in meditation that help get me to the point of Presence.

I am Here

I am Now

I am Present

Within this Circle (Space, Grove, Ve)

Another that I use specifically for Magical purposes:

I am the Magician

I am Here

and I am Free

Of course the Fire – Well – Tree complex found within the ADF format of ritual is a great aid in recognizing one’s moment and Presence.  Essentially this equates to the Underworld – Earth – Heaven symbology most magic practitioners will be familiar with.  As Above So Below.

Fire, Well, Sacred Tree

Burning and Growing and Flowing in Me

I Stand between the Earth and Sky

Rooted Deep and Crowned High

Meditation upon these core images; Well flowing beneath and rising within, Tree reaching toward the bright flaming sky, Fire radiating from above.  The Tree, the Rune Eiwhaz, is the bridge between the worlds of underworld and heaven, of chaos and order, of dark and light.  Embodying all of these powers within meditation unites these worlds in active contemplation.  The magician has realized Presence.