Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!

Look to this Day for it is Life,

the very Life of Life.

In it’s brief course lie all the Varieties

And Realities of your Existence;

The Bliss of Growth,

The Glory of Action,

The Splendor of Beauty;

(Salutation of the Dawn (Hindu) taken from Pagan Prayer by Mary Ellis Ryan,1913. pg.68)

I’ve been conducting a prayer at dawn lately.  Every other day I get up with the sunrise and prior to turning on any lights in the home welcome the dawn.

Essentially my greeting is to hold my hands up to the light of the rising sun, then touch my palms to my forehead, then to my heart.

Phrasing is usually off the cuff, but something like; First light of day infuse my mind with Intent this day; First light of day may my heart be bright with Wisdom this day: Delling, light of the dawn, bless me with your light.

Each affirmation follows the palms to the dawn posture, followed by touching the palms to head or body, or the corresponding location.

I started this about seven months ago, but only began to do it in a consistent fashion recently.  After watching the TV show 30 days, I found that a Navajo families tradition of running toward the dawn then honoring the sunrise in a similar fashion to what I’ve listed very inspiring. Link to Episode


The Good Magician


I think Presence is the goal of anyone partaking in any kind of magical practice.

What good is ritual, meditation, or the honoring of beings without first being fully aware of your space, and knowing your place in the great mix of things.

I use a few different mantra’s while in meditation that help get me to the point of Presence.

I am Here

I am Now

I am Present

Within this Circle (Space, Grove, Ve)

Another that I use specifically for Magical purposes:

I am the Magician

I am Here

and I am Free

Of course the Fire – Well – Tree complex found within the ADF format of ritual is a great aid in recognizing one’s moment and Presence.  Essentially this equates to the Underworld – Earth – Heaven symbology most magic practitioners will be familiar with.  As Above So Below.

Fire, Well, Sacred Tree

Burning and Growing and Flowing in Me

I Stand between the Earth and Sky

Rooted Deep and Crowned High

Meditation upon these core images; Well flowing beneath and rising within, Tree reaching toward the bright flaming sky, Fire radiating from above.  The Tree, the Rune Eiwhaz, is the bridge between the worlds of underworld and heaven, of chaos and order, of dark and light.  Embodying all of these powers within meditation unites these worlds in active contemplation.  The magician has realized Presence.


I attended a tarot class last night at the local Uniterian Universalist church.

The person leading the course was very adept and extremely ready to offer several opinions, interpretations, and views of the various cards. Being that there was a high turn out lots of good feedback and input.

Also the many different card styles people had greatly added to the discussion and card interpretations were very unique yet all in line with the standard meaning of the cards, as expected.

I’m not really a tarot person, not really a divination practitioner, but I really enjoyed the chance to speak metaphysics and magical symbology with like-minded folks who were for the most part Pagans of one sort or another.

The deck I took with me was my LoTR deck, a gift from my sweet tart.

Podcasts I’m enjoying

Current Favorite Pods:

The Following podcasts are those I have found to be incredibly informative this past month.  I may update Podcasts on a monthly basis.

Great Interview with Cathbad about pagan virtues, a little about the  ADF and some singing:

Interview with Ceisiwr Serith of the ADF regarding Pagan Prayer and a little about the ADF:

Fantastic interview with Kvelduf.  Heathens will find it fascinating, and those of the general Pagan ilk will find it enlightening.

Run by the alcove

When out for a run a few days ago a cat caught my attention.  My run usually takes me around a large catholic parish, this parish is a whole city block contained within a 5ft high rock wall.

I’ve been meaning to sit down in the small alcove that the parish has setup in the heart of it’s complex…this alcove has a very large fountain spilling into a well somewhat hidden within a grove of trees, benches are both within and around the grove.  In the middle of the fountain in a dug out area stands what I assume is a figure of the Virgin Mary.  Being that I’ve felt somewhat awkward about it I’ve never gone and sat down within the alcove.

Running along the wall, a small cat leapt up from the other side and quitly hunched there watching my progress, steadily eyed me as I passed.  I went another time around, and again the cat did the same thing, I took this as a sign and halted my run and walked into the complex toward the alcove.

The reason for this thread is this; Why haven’t we as a pagan community supplanted our own groves and alcoves into the heart of a city where a passer-by could stop and refresh him/herself.  I was jealous sitting there in the quiet of night, the water falling into the well, the cat leaping at moths and mosquito’s as I thought.  I hope those catholics out there appreciate what a wonder it is to have such a place.

Granted some cities do have places like this setup by their cherished pagan few, but generally one has to be a part of a community to know of them and then usually only by invitation can one attend.

I think we neo-occultists as a whole should begin leaving offerings near trees in parks, I know I do.  Maybe that stump in the park will begin to grow in reputation as a place where Brigid can be heard, or that old oak near the bank holds a small carved Frigga and it is there that I can bestow my offerings to the great seeress.

What an awesome idea.

another journal

I’ve begun keeping a Synchronicity journal..

This phenomena has just continued to heighten in my life, synchronicity is a topic that most people in the occult world are aware of and mostly take for granted. Many magicians don’t take it seriously enough in my opinion.

Mostly I hate divination, i think it’s inaccurate and think of it more like cheating.  If the powers that be – if there be any powers that be – or life, or truth, or the great universe between all thought wanted you to know your fate or your tomorrows why wouldn’t it just tell you.

Synchronicity is that telling, the words are events, and they convey what the underlying topic of the day or week or month that the universe (Gods, Truth,mythic reality) is trying to get you to see may be.  I don’t really think anyone can know the future.  Synchronicity is not about the future, but about the present, your now and what your ignoring in your life by going about your day asleep in the tedium of daily errands.

This journal is not an everyday journal, only when events compile in such a way that force me to recognize a common pattern is it noted.