The Dedicant Program found within Ár nDraíocht Féin is the entry level training course of the organization. Though ADF as a whole is a Druid organization, the course is fundamentally a very good one for any pagan wishing to deepen a current practice.  Those new to paganism and/or Indo-European spirituality would also find the program enlightening, as it details common views found within the cosmology of the Indo-Europeans while exposing the seeker to modern pagan thought, mythology, and personal exploration.

As I am moving onto the Initiate Program I may add a few of my original Dedicant essays here.

Dedicant Program completed Completed 5/08

The Dedicant Program looks like this:

1. Written discussion about each of the nine virtues: wisdom, piety, vision, courage, integrity, perseverance, hospitality, moderation, and fertility.

2. Short essays should be completed about each of the eight ADF High Holy Days.

3. Short book reports should also be written. The book reports should fall under each of the following categories: Indo-European Studies, Ethnic Studies, Modern Paganism.

4. There should be a brief description of the Dedicant’s home shrine. Photos should be included if possible. Plans for future improvement should also be included.

5. An essay should be written on the Two Powers Meditation or another grounding and centering exercise.

6. An essay or journal should be kept describing the Dedicant’s progress in building mental discipline, through meditation, trance, or other systematic techniques.

7. An essay should be written describing the Dedicant’s efforts and work with nature, the honoring of the Earth, and the impact of choices on the environment and the local ecosystem.

8. A brief account and reflection about each High Holy Day attended by the Dedicant during a 12 month period. The rituals do not all have to be ADF. At least four of them should be following the ADF ritual format.

9. One essay should be written concerning each of the Kindred groups (ie. Deity, Ancestors, Nature Spirits).

10. A brief account of the Dedicant’s spiritual growth and development through personal and Grove-centered application of the Dedicant’s program.

11. Finally, the text of the Dedicant’s oath and a reflection on the Dedicant’s performance of the rite should be recorded.



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