ADF Initiate Lit 1

Before I began the Initiate Program I made sure that the sources listed for each section of the IP were current – to my surprise and joy and also by sheer coincidence the requirements and the sources had both gone through some revising and were updated officially the next day.

I’m going to start with Liturgy 1 ~

Required Resources:
Bonewits, Isaac. Neopagan Rites A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Work.
Minneapolis: Llewellyn Publications, 2007. Print.
Newburg, Brandon. Core Order of Ritual Tutorial.

I’ve read both of these works – so writing the essays for this requirement shouldn’t be too difficult.

And there are secondary source materials that I’ll be reading to round out the ADF perspective:

Brooks, Arnold. “Goals of Group Ritual.” ADF. Web. </rituals/explanations/group-ritual-
Canali, Rev. Eric. “ADF’s 5 Tier Druid Liturgy.” The Book of Sassafrass,

Serith, Ceisiwr. Space, Position, Motions, Gestures … and bowls: A Solitary Ritual.
Thomas, Kirk. “The Nature of Sacrifice.” ADF. Web. </articles/cosmology/nature-of-


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