A Little Focus

I was happy to find that my song Chrystalimir Morning found its way onto the OBOD Druidcast for February. I’ve meant for years to get some material recorded for a simple album, perhaps this will help push me in that direction.

I’m working on a few articles for pagan publications and working on my AODA 2nd circle material – Also working on my Masters thesis that is moving slower than I hoped and will probably take longer to complete than I planned. I’m trying to reign in my need to be pulled in so many directions, having multiple projects in my head and on paper at once doesn’t do me any good.

I recently did a webcast on google Hangouts for the tarot game Queesn of Fate and plan to do other such tutorials for similar Tarot and Rune games in the future.  I’ll post those updates here as well going forward.

I’ve also been refining a Rune working that utilizes the Runes in a very mandalic based setup.  I probably won’t be sharing to much of that here, as I’m planning to get it written up along with many other practices that I’ve developed into somethng coherent for modern Erilars (runersters).  Something is not quite right with it, it’s taking too much effort to accomplish what I want through the current interface of Runes and I’m rethinking some of the associations I’ve made.



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