Living Druidry

This year I’m doing a few things to deepen my path.  I have decided to move through the ‘Living Druidry’ course over on the Druid Network.  This is a year long course that focuses on the periods from New Moon to New Moon and is meant to be a seasonal meditation.  Several topics are explored during the month: Moon, Festival, Season, Perception, Element, Humanity, Environment, Self, Creativity, Ethics, and a Review.

Along with this program I’m also developing a practice to cultivate relationships with the handmaidens of Frigga.  I won’t go into detail about these goddesses, only to say that there are twelve, thirteen with Frigg.  Each goddess will be given a moon cycle to commune with and study coinciding nicely with the already mentioned course; the Druidic and the Heathen meditations will work nicely together.

Even though the Living Druidry course is a basic one, I am drawn to it.  Druidry should allow for a conversation with nature, and that should be simple and easy in spirit, a practice that embraces silence, contemplation, and joy.

So there will be at least a monthly post that discusses my monthly movement with the Living Druidry course and how it has deepened my path along with an entry on the handmaiden and the relationship established.



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