Lately I’ve been utilizing prayer beads.

I created a meditation bracelet using tiger eye and a similar color of dark bead – I don’t remember what it is exactly.  I’ve different sizes to represent the things I want to focus on while meditating or while in prayer.

My prayer bead bracelet contains 58 beads:

24 beads that represent the elder futhark then a single bead to pause and reflect and another 24 for the elder futhark.  The beads for the various Runes are different sizes as I reflect on each Rune specifically.

Also I have 9 beads that are meant as meditational queues for the contemplation of the 9 virtues found within ADF liturgy, they are also used to represent the 9 worlds of Norse cosmology.

These are not just for meditation however, I wear them while working and thumb through them if I can.  I’d like to get into the habit of thumbing them around while waiting in line at the supermarket or similar such things, just to shift my consciousness to a more aware state.  I’ve had the honor of being in the presence of Buddhist monks from Tibet and Bhutan and find it a wonderful thing to see them spinning through their prayer beads while holding a conversation

For me the bracelet is a reminder that Paganism is indeed a contemplative religion and needs to be seen as a means of reconnection with Self, Time, Place and the Now.  So often we see modern Paganism as a religion of “doing”, when it is also a religion of silence and “non-ado”.  Sitting in sincere silence and contemplation is enormously beneficial to ourselves and others.

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