1000 Norns

Another dreaming insight:

In a dream I was explaining some of the finer points of Norse Mythology and History to some old friends, which friends I’m not sure exactly, but many were from my hometown – where I will be visiting next month.   The topic of ancestors came up…I’m not sure how or why.

I remember addressing the concept of the Norns with the group.  Somehow I began speaking with knowledge that didn’t seem my own.

The thing that struck me upon waking was my insight about personal Norns and their relationship to the ancestors. The Norns in Norse Lore are not only limited to the big three better known as URD/VERDANDI/SKULD, Norns are also doled out to individuals at the time of their birth as stated by the High One (Odin) in Sturlson’s Prose Edda, pg. 44;


One caveat to this would be that according to the research I’ve done into the birthing practices of the Pagan Norse a child wasn’t necessarily considered a full person until named by it’s Father, so perhaps only after named or claimed does a child receive a Norn or Norns.  The text goes on to recount that Norns are also malevolent and/or beneficial as per the Norns personality.

In my dream what was pointed out to me via my own mouth and words was that in keeping with every child receiving a Norn, a line of Norns, possibly genetically linked , leads to an unbreakable spiritual fate or heritage connecting every ancestor to its descendants.  This of course is in keeping with the Norse concepts of Hamingja and Orlog where a kind of karmic web is both inherited from one’s ancestors and also personally generated that interacts with the present and the future.  Yet my  dream revelation is somehow different and adds to these concepts.

I made a direct statement in the dream to my friends about there being an unbroken stream of Norns going back as far as one can imagine.  I was very sure in my dream that the Norns do not leave a family, that they follow the descendants of an ancestor, that the Norns of the present person work together with the Norns of the previous generations.  This would be very similar to how the Disir, matronly ancestors, follow and watch over their descendants.   There seems to be an overlap of duties here that is not at first apparent – Both the Disir and Norns are likened to the Valkyries (the relationship never seems entirely clear however), but the Disir, or even the Alfar for that matter, do not seem to turn the fate of a person but only bless and protect, whereas the Norns fulfill a deeper and more entangled purpose having to do with Soul, Yggdrasil, Fate, the Multiverse, and Time – and I don’t feel that the Norns on a whim manipulate Fate, they merely push a persons fate without care or malice.  The Disir/Alfar on the other-hand are called upon to bless a home and positively impact a persons life.

Norns from Wagner’s Ring Cycle

To conclude, I took away one phrase from the dream,  ” A Thousand Norns”, it was something I said to those gathered, being as much a listener as a relayer of knowledge.  As with any arcane wisdom or UPG received in this manner it demands many hours of contemplation.

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