Steps forward

Now that my degree is finished I will be taking up the Generalist Study Program within the ADF system of training.

I began this program in the past, but shortly after starting it I returned to University and couldn’t dedicate time toward it’s completion.  Now that College is finished, at least for the next year, I’m returning to the GSP and plan to complete it within the year.


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One Reply to “Steps forward”

  1. Good for you!!! I’m really glad to hear this. You have always helped inspire me. I think I needed to hear this, indeed! Congratulations on completing your current university work and graduating. I hope you will do well in the GSP too. I just wrote to you asking if you finished. I have taken back up with school myself, so I haven’t been reading your blogs consistently. I truly enjoy hearing and reading them. I am glad to see that you renewed your membership once again too! I will very likely be a lifetime member, although they no longer seem to offer those. Do you remember when they used to do that? I was too broke to take advantage of that back then, but they ceased doing that. Do you think you will take advantage of doing some cross programs too since some of the ADF coursework is sometimes parallel in more than one study program. I would like to go back through and work on the 9 moons program that Ian developed and that I was working on before I got so sick a few years ago. I also noted that you take exception to the way they currently have the reviewing done with some of the study programs. I tend to agree with all the points you mentioned on your blog about that matter. I say you should send in that blog as an article to ADF’s Oak Leaves. It would stand to bring out some thought among membeship.
    Well, let me press on with reading your blogs. I am currently skipping around reading randomly through the topics, but plan to return to read them all at some point. I have gotten very behind on reading. Changing to a science major has absorbed more of my time. I’m loving it so far, though. Very late, so maybe skip continuing the reading for now and take it up again tomorrow. G’night! (And keep writing!)

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