Dreaming Insight

A few nights ago I was given a message in a dream:

“With No Enemies,

We Are at Peace.”

I’ve had a few days to live with this.  I’m not sure who or what said it.  I only remember it being vocalized and pronounced very clearly while dreaming.

Over these last few days it’s becoming more and more powerful.  Not only does it speak to the obvious problems of national conflicts, but more-so it is a very personal mantra.

What are the things we choose to confront and label as “enemy”?  Life for many of us can be a series of obstacles and challenges.  What I’m finding with this phrase is that it is calling me to question what things I address as “enemy” – and that being a realization of the things that push me into a heightened reactive state or force my emotional state from one of awareness or peace to anything else.  These “enemies” then turn into literally anything that moves me out of a peaceful state – like an internal or external reaction to news, politics, society changes, relationships, conversations, work related challenges – anything.

I’m not necessarily saying that this phrase is pushing me toward a Star Trekian Vulcan kind of detachment – But it is insisting that I look at outside Motivators that can control my sense of internal Peace.   Nor am I saying that the phrase advises me to eliminate “enemies” or things that challenge my resolve or well being.  It merely states that my Peace should not be dependent upon externalities, that seeing challenges as bad or good or things that wobble my emotional state as “enemies” is illusory- that this is merely a challenge of Perception, and that Peace is never controlled externally.

Now of course you’re probably thinking this is a no brainer.  I’ve heard this before as well, and have even worked quite extensively with this idea in the past.  But the phrase seems more concerned with showing me that challenges and obstacles are not necessarily Real unless attached to some kind of emotional response.  So it’s more about definitions that actual events – though certainly events are also in the mix.  “Enemies” may be defined then only by our reaction or perception – Only after our response has been altered do things become “Enemies”.

That’s where I’m at right now with this  –  I’m sure I’ll have some more insights with this powerful and deeply resonating phrase as I live with it.

3 Replies to “Dreaming Insight”

  1. Your dreaming insight about enemies and this quoted from your dream, “With no enemies we are at peace,” has lent to some connections I understand well. While relating to your message and pondering this matter, there are more than values at task and more than surface external forces which I must agree really are not the source of conflict as much as some may feel they must be. For me, the enemy is myself in varied matters. With this, it proposes, first, the idea of accepting responsibility for ones own actions. Does being an enemy to oneself make this an action? I feel it is both passive aggressive as well as each of the other singularly, passive and aggressive, but mostly just admitting it is from within that enemy is born saves empowering others over ones own being. The peace resolve is in ownership too. This would lend balance in the very understanding of both being with no enemies and being at peace, once it is understood that one is ones own enemy if one so chooses to have one! “Be at peace, be at peace, be at peace,” is one of my favorites at the end of ritual. The first time I heard someone repeat that thrice, I owned it thereafter.

    There are some examples of my newly recognized level of understanding of ‘I am my own enemy’ frame of thought. One day, following a deep illness, upon recovery I began a journey climbing some of the hardest steps I’ve ever done. That is, I began a road to recovery like I have never felt before. I used many of the virtues instilled in me from my work with the ADF Dedicant Program. I focused, from the meditation of the same program where I’d renewed myself with meditations, reminded to stay focused. The hardest rocks I climbed and the pebbles at the soles of my feet came with irritation and pain as I got past some of the physical restrictions and grew stronger, but primarily the difficulty beyond focusing, was maintaining that peace when I felt the urge to allow someone else to poke at my disposition. I kept my hand at the rudder, reminded often by Manannan Mac Lir to stay steady on this difficult journey. Whenever I began feeling adrift, I would return to the notion of moderation and balance. I have often let people begin to own me and allow them control, but my own real current enemy who has also come to terms is understanding now the age thing. I am not finished yet, nor do I intend to cave with the idea of my age and what others tend to do at such and such times of life. I have set my sails for my end game to be full and upon arrival at the last note of my flute, I will have good reason to fling my cloak on and rattle off into the mist every so joyously.

    I claim my enemy in healing, in learning from and in the pressure to give me challenge. These are excellent enemies to be in company with who I persevere with in training and retraining over and above and beyond but to newer heightened levels each time revisited! “With no enemies, we are at peace,” will be something I can finally claim with clear understanding, but with richness in having experienced with them, those enemies of mine and they are my own! I will gladly share the richness of these treasures along the way. Did I ever claim to be easy to get along with? LOL

    Thank you for introducing this topic!

    1. One other thing to add here: With this post I didn’t address something I had been wrestling with at the time, and that was a feeling that as human beings we sometimes live from challenge to challenge from worry to worry.
      Many people drift their whole lives going from problem to problem, when one problem is resolved another problem takes its place…
      ” No Enemies, Know Peace” came out of this contemplation of worry and stress – it is still something I think about often and has been a great gift from wherever such wisdom comes from.

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