Starting in July I’ll be working through John Greers’ book ” The Celtic Golden Dawn” almost exclusively to any other practice.

I foresee the working of the system to take up to 9-12 mths to complete.  I’ve set up an online study group in order for those interested to work the system together, compare notes, and enable discussion.  If you’d like to work along with us you can find us here:


There are 3 levels to the system: Ovate, Bard, Druid.  Roughly I’m giving 3 mths to the Ovate section, 4 mths to the Bard section, and 4 to 5 mths for the Druid section.  I’m also planning on reading or at least sifting through most of the source material for Greers’ system therefore adding a bit more time to the process.

The group may be doing initiations in person – have yet to decide on this seeing as how the group has yet to officially start to allow for debate on the issue.

I’ve been wanting to explore a more Hermetic form of Revival era Druidry, and being that I have an interest in Golden Dawn style ritual and wisdom I thought this would be an interesting curriculum through which to explore both.


2 Replies to “Upcoming”

  1. Okay, unless you intentionally didn’t write a description of the group, it is showing as not existing when I tried to go to the link given above. I was going to check it out a little.

    1. LoL…thanx for looking into it Polarity.
      I took the group down. I seemed to be the only one updating my work in the system and didn’t want to use up my time if no one was interested in participating.

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