I’ve been spending alot of time with Tarot lately.  I gravitate toward systems of symbols and I acknowledge that I like a good metaphoric mystery that allows for self exploration.  I’m not quite sure where my infatuation with symbolic systems comes from…

One of the things I’ve been doing is attempting to nail down my next tarot deck purchase.  It’s a difficult task finding a new tarot deck to invest time in.  I’m not one to buy a deck off the shelf at the local Barnes and Nobles simply because it’s a best-seller.  If you’ve read any of my Tarot posts in the post you’ve probably noticed that I like unique decks.  More to the point I like decks that tell stories and that people can relate to, or that just seem oddly fresh…and these are usually not the newest Llewyllen offerings.

A deck that I’ve really been investigating is the Harry Potter Tarot by Ellygator.  This deck has everything I love;  A recognizable mythology, awesome art, magical imagery, and it’s not a mass robotic slab of generic mess.  The price tag has been  the only thing keeping me from purchasing this deck, $100,  I’ve been drooling over it for about five years.  I’m not a Tarot collector, so when I purchase a deck I want to be able to use it, this deck is so gorgeous and so expensive that I’m not sure I’d be ready to put it through the rigors of use.  I’ve been trying to convince myself that a graduation gift to myself may be in order.

Another deck I want is the Vertigo deck by DC comics.  This was a deck put out following the success of the Sandman comics and the still going strong Vertigo line of comics.  I am a comic book fan and love the artwork of this deck, and it looks like a deck I could work well with.  And it has a cool wow factor, its art is mystical and fractured, it draws in both the reader and the querent.

Another is the Hexen Tarot by Suzanne Treister.  This deck is like a guided lsd trip through the twentieth centurys scientific and mystical subway system.  The images remind me of rock posters found in the Haight-Ashbury district in the 60’s/70’s.  Each one is vivid and surreal.  A possible purchase…but like I side I’m not a collector and this deck is more of an art piece that a useful deck.

A few of the others:  Baseball Tarot, Mary-El Tarot, Hermetic Tarot, The Hobbit Tarot, Wizards Tarot, Book of Shadows Tarot Vol.2, Mage the Ascension Tarot, Sacred Sites Tarot

Here’s an interesting discussion of the Wildwood Tarot by it’s 3 authors:

3 Replies to “Tarot’d”

  1. I’m a big fan of the Deviant Moon tarot, myself, and the artist behind it has some new decks in the works. Do you work with Qabbalistic interpretations of tarot, or do you use another system?

    1. That’s a difficult beast to answer 🙂 I’m not very interested in the implementation of Qabbalistic paradigms in my spiritual life, but I do certainly read books that discuss it.

      Much of my Tarot work/knowledge comes from many sources – Crowley, Macgregor, Waite, pagan authors…I’m satisfied to explore many and not hold to one in particular. I like to think of the Tarot as a big hodge-podge of Western Esoterica.

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