Runes at the Well

Runes are the construct aperture of the metaverse.  Mythologically speaking Odin did not invent them, he discovered them.  The Runes are the mysteries therefore that predetermine the gods, the worlds, reality, being, time, self – all modes of existence.

I’m not naive enough to think that Runes are the sole compass of creation, nor do I hold to Runes, or any mystical tradition for that matter, as being a be-all-end-all defining reason for everything.  In my life I have merely *made the choice* that Runes are a central device that can be employed toward a deeper understanding and conversation with the world and existence.

My thoughts are turning toward the Web of Wyrd and what its context is in regard to the make up of reality.  What is the Web of Wyrd?  First I think to understand Wyrd as a Web is somewhat incorrect.  The Norns do not weave a Web of fate per-say, they inscribe upon stone the choices-fates-doings of beings.  All of this is meshed up together in an intricate pattern of – past – present – future.  There are other beings within Teutonic mythology that do view the fates and doings of beings in the Worlds via weaving, such as Frigg, but the Norns do not.  This of course can be a subject of personal meditation in itself, my view is that the Norns are the rulers of fate – Hamingja and Orlog – what they say goes and is hard coded by them into the fabric of time and space; whereas Weavers, Tranceworkers, and Rune casters utilize tools, actions, or disciplines  which allow temporary reading access to the chiseled Runic etchings of reality the Norns inscribe.  Frigga herself is called a Seeress, this implies to me that she does not control fate only reads it.

Now I’m not about to say that the Norns are real beings that exist to dole out destinies.  Like most religious stuff the Norns are a way to personify the mystery, to give it a relate-able sheen that resembles our understanding of the world.  I’m not one to say the gods are this or that either…so I don’t really get into the nonsense about what the gods are and are not.  I think it’s a meaningless conversation.  What I do think is important is recognizing that each persons exposure to the Mystery and the Truth of existence is going to be different therefore outlooks on gods, spirits, and self will be unique.

The Runes setup a very unique way to see the universe.  The symbols allow us to understand, or at least investigate the way the Teutonic people imagined the universe and how they chose to interact with it.  Runes are all around us, reality is shaped by choices, and the Norns etch upon the surface of the multiverse the results of those choices.  The Web of Wyrd is a Runic fabric that drapes across, among, and within all of time, presence, and being.  Wyrd is everything that sits between and within matter.

The Web of Wyrd is not an ancient saying.  But I do think that it has a place within modern Heathen work.  Certainly the Norns and Runes can be thought of as building blocks; The Norns build a history of fate and destiny for an individual and therefore a society and Runes underlie all of creation and all worlds.  Working within a Rune tradition maps reality in a very hard and foundational way, and this is it’s greatest asset.   Runes are both an esoteric and exoteric system of revelation and hidden knowledge.  This means that within the Rune row one can find steadfast footing in our world, feeding the need to be rooted with a firm grasp of self and place within social structures.  But also the Runes allow for spiritual exploration that can reveal mysteries, coincidence, and occult relationships outside of the mundane structures.


An essay not meant to be educational.  Merely a portion of what’s in my head lately…mostly stemming from my recent re-read of Bates’ The Way of Wyrd.  My review is here:

I think it’s a book that does more harm that good for Heathen spirituality because it’s mostly a Castaneda rip-off with more fiction that truth.  There are some good tidbits…but they are tough to find.  It’s a book I would not recommend.

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