Reviving Spring

Once in a while I get to a purging point in my practice – a realization that certain avenues of study, experimentation, or work may not be productive, may be unnecessary, or even detrimental.  This usually happens to me over a period of weeks or days, and once in awhile I get hit while in the midst of a working that it is completely wrong and not where I want to travel.

This purging doesn’t only happen with practices but also with the accoutrements of practice.  I’m not a pagan that likes to get attached to objects and items.  Since I place very little importance on ritual items or altar pieces I know that when I begin to acquire too many “things” it’s time for a purge.  I tend to think of my practice as very subtle and simple – when it becomes overly complicated it is also time to reflect and modify.

I’m also incredibly aware of the synchronicities in my life.  I don’t ignore slight pushes toward certain practice that the cosmos (the gods or ancestors) wants me to explore.  I’ve been developing more of an internal practice these days, a push backward into my past – a past that was focused more on meditative reflection.  Books, media, studies, and my daily occurrences have been easing me back into this…not necessarily away from the robust and physical practices that I have been utilizing, but into a more intimate practice that regards silence and reflection as necessary components to my spiritual movements.

There is a tenuous balance between the internal experience of religion and the external one.   One can move too far in either direction and forget the importance of the other.  The purge is a step toward critically acknowledging what I have forgotten and maybe what I have chosen to ignore.

Spring is an excellent time to slough off the extraneous stuff that I have accumulated.  Most of the stuff is stuff, but some of it is technique or practices or mental obstructions that just don’t fit with where I’m headed.


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