Cosmological Contrivances & Magic(K)al Mechanisms

-This post is a spiritual successor to another post found here Tarot Trove

Cosmology,  and the perception of it, is crucial to a Magicians success.  The popularity of  ‘lifehacking’ within the circles of Chaos Magic(K) ( and now gaining momentum in pop culture) is testament to the power that comes from understanding the rules of ones reality and being able to manipulate one’s place within the understood reality reference.

Heavens wheel

Magic(K) for me has become less about pushing my Will toward a goal than about understanding the keys found in the cosmology and agreed upon morals of a society or belief system.  Will is of course very important, and is, for me, at this point in my life on par with the knowledge of  Cosmological presence.

Using Tyson’s Portable Magic as a basis for much of my present magi(K)al work has led to this realization and even a greater understanding of this perception.  The core of Tyson’s book is about understanding the Tarot as a representation of the heavens (astronomically speaking), elemental correspondences (thus magic(k)al altar), and a summoners crucible of manifestation.  It is a work that took not only my understanding of Tarot to a deeper level but how I saw Golden Dawn style magic(K) and Western Occultism.  Now the book doesn’t delve to0 deeply into these topics, but it is a good launchpad for such wisdom and research.

Working this system can be challenging at first, but once the visualizations and use of the cards is better worked toward and with a personal understanding it works very well.  The biggest use of the cards comes when creating the circle.  This is done by using the trump cards associated with the Zodiac to represent the magicians place within the universe.  I’m not much for circles and boundaries, but in this type of magic(K) which is very ceremonially inspired it is an important component.

As a Runester I am thinking of ways to move this system into a more Pagan ethos and Teutonic style of work.   And, being that I work within a Chaos magic(K) matrix thoughts of working this system into subjective areas and less reality based mythologies is interesting.

Framework of power

In any magic(K)al operation it is important for the Magician to work within a framework of power.  This framework of power comes from mythology, stories, material and immaterial components of the culture, society, and/or mythic artifacts.

Mantles & Self Images

Working magic(K) becomes an act of assimilating the power associated with these memes and then using them to fuel the purpose of the act.  The mind, will, and body of the Magician become a focus and wear then absorb what I call the Magicians mantle.  I see this as literally clothing myself in the cosmological contrivances of whatever persona or cultural archetype befits my magic(K)al operation.  So this mantle changes per the Magicians need.

Once again

To bring this back to the initial crux of this post what the Tarot cards are doing, for me, is functioning as a bridge between the Mage and the reality or realities he is attempting to work within.  Tarot cards even more specifically are the link ( in this style of magic(K)) between the Magician, this world, and in my mind a very Western oriented occult paradigm.  In order to change that paradigm the Magicians tools should mirror said reality – whether this is a consensus reality, a fact based one, or a fictional one.

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