Thoughts on Workshop

I had two hours to get a large number of gathered Occultists/Pagans on board with what Rune divination accomplishes and what the Runes are and were.

It went very well.  I didn’t have an outline for the discussion/workshop.  The reason for this was that I was comfortable with my topic.  I also set the Runes into an historical context to start, making a deliberate attempt at distancing Runes from more modern systems of divination.  My hope was to eliminate the need we all have to associate one branch of wisdom with another, or a mythic paradigm with our own.  I love comparative mythology don’t get  me wrong, but i think a disservice is done when we simply change the clothing on the dummy instead of getting ourselves a whole new dummy.

Questions from the workshop attendees related to the infamous Wyrd Rune, elemental correspondences, and pathworking. These questions led to interesting diversions into mythology, cosmic order, and concepts unique to Teutonic lore.  I don’t pretend to be a master at Rune working, but as a Heathen who primarily centers nearly every aspect of his faith and religious practice on Rune wisdom, I have spent a great deal of time studying and working with Rune lore on nearly a daily basis…I gave the best answers I could.

One of the important things to keep in mind when leading a workshop is understanding that knowledge is only as good as your knowledge base.  This means that I only hold the knowledge that I’ve been exposed to and attendees only the knowledge they have likewise been exposed to.  In the modern era this means books, internet, and other media.  Along with that comes UPG and Personal Gnosis.  I am an advocate of primary source material…a foundation must be laid of historical information and honest academic work prior to moving into the blurry realms of Personal Gnosis.  One of the things I always concentrate on when leading a workshop is representing the information as historical, mythological, or personal. There has to be allowance for how a tool is used or how wisdom is utilized by an individual with different references and past knowledge exposure.  The Runes are an excellent example of wisdom being shaped by those using it throughout history.  Rationality must always be first.


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