Enochian Endeavors

Enochian is a system of very complex Magic(k).  I am by far not a fan of overly complicated Magic(k)al operations, but I do get an itch once in  a great while to explore and practice systems that are deep and rich with high-ceremonial action.

Enochian lore has been an interest of mine for many years mainly because of a very intense experience with a being that awoke me one night, a being I can only describe as ‘Angelic’.  I did not take it seriously as a practice however until I read Donald Tyson’s book Enochian for Beginners.  This book put into understandable terminology the complex items, tools, and actions associated with Enochian workings.  This book however, also held some of Tyson’s end time beliefs, these being that Enochian or rather its discovery by John Dee began the steps that our world will take toward an apocalypse.  Now I don’t hold to the  Judeo-Xtian apocalypse meme that our western culture has been entangled with for centuries, but it is interesting nonetheless and it does add some flare to the mythic-psycho-mindset that the Magician must enter into in order to carry out Enochian workings.  I will say that this idea seems to be Tyson’s alone and I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else.ttt

Tyson’s is not the only book that has inspired my Enochian workings: Lon Milo Duquette’s Enochian Vision Magick (which is probably my favorite at this point), Duquette’s Enochian sex-magick book The Enochian World of Aleister Crowley, a few articles of Crowleys, and The Lost Art of Enochian Magic by De Salvo.  After reading most of these cover to cover I took too making some tools.   Without going too much into my tools creation process, I will say that I abandoned most of them in favor of a much simpler way of Scrying the Aethyrs.

I don’t care much for the ordering about of Angels, I’m much more interested in the mental and visionary aspects of working with the 30 Aethyrs.  I have had various levels of success with the Scrying.  I won’t go over how to do this, but the essentials are vocalization of the Nineteenth Aethyr ‘key’ and then the chanting of the names of the Governors in control of the specific Aethyr into which you wish to Scry.  I’m using De Salvo’s method of Scrying the Aethyrs, which is more or less just a meditative technique that utilizes chanting and trance states.

One of the hurdles I have in employing Enochian is my deep aversion to monotheistic modes of thinking.  Enochian was constructed or discovered by the minds of magicians working within a Judeo-Xtian paradigm.  The system therefore is rooted in a very hierarchical and medieval sensibility and the complexity of the Aethyrs, Watchtowers, angelic cities, and rulers bears this out.

I have to say that my work with Enochian has been less than stellar.  More over I’m finding Enochian to be very inefficient, it’s complexity does not make it more workable nor does it make it any more powerful.  Many magicians, I believe, mistake its richness and history for truth.
Don’t get me wrong I have had an Aethyr vision or two, but they were far from the incredible experiences that so many magicians exalt as possible within the system.  Again, as a polytheist, it’s perhaps just to difficult for me to acknowledge that there can be a prescribed Angelic order to the universe that was birthed from a Xtian view of reality.

However, aftermy unimpressive visionary experiences with Enochian I attempted another experiment.  Duncan Barford of OEITH wrote about his interesting Enochian evocations prior to going to bed.  He took his dreams as the Aethyr Scrying and noted his experience upon waking.  I followed his example and chanted the nineteenth key after performing the LBRP in my bedroom prior to laying down for a nap.  The immediate results weren’t great, but I was able to skip along the hypnogogic state for an extended amount of time and have some interesting sight and sound explosions.

I also took this idea one step further and began to keep the call open indefinitely in the bedroom.  This was an easy evolution to move toward due to the fact that I began to see the Enochian Call/Key as vocalized aetheric materia that not only could open the magician to the mysteries of the Angelic realities through manipulation of consciousness, but also I saw it as a meta-language that literally could infuse an area like a subliminal script with the capability of being written upon the Astral architecture of a space. Therefore this script could effect persons existing in the space for a time until its power would eventually fade.

It is interesting to note that during this time my dreams were incredibly vivid and fully realized upon waking like episodic adventures.  My wife, who didn’t know about my bedroom Enochian workings, also commented during this time that her dreams were likewise very vivid.

So I think my Enochian experiments are finished.  I’ve realized, via my Enochian practices, that the mode of thinking that is necessary to practice this system effectively is just to difficult for me to enter.  The monotheistic spine that supports it does not sit well with who I have become from the many years of practice as a  poly/pagan and Heathen.  It is a 180 degree turn to go from poly to mono after living ones life as a poly/pagan for most of an adult life, and as a magician I hate to admit that the challenge of entering the mindset of a Enochian magician is too great to have any kind of lasting results upon my psyche.

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