What’s a Pagan Blog good for?

I’m becoming more and more disappointed with the Pagan blogosphere.

And I’m not too sure exactly why this is, but I’m going to try and synthesize it a bit.. it’s not gonna pretty or clearly related.  That’s your warning.
Is Paganism one thing or many?  Is it inclusive or exclusive?  Is Magic(K) involved?  Are gods involved?

All these questions seem to be on the agenda of Pagan Bloggers.  All are worthy riddles to ponder and all do need to be slopped about in the hopes of getting answers.

But maybe there aren’t answers. 

One of the things I find in reading blogs is that opinion is tantamount.  There are blogs out there that shovel facts around and address problems in our community by plugging history or heritage into their opinions…but mostly there is a biased use of fact meant to push postings into neighbourhoods already shared by the writers opinion.  Nothing new, right?  What’s the big deal?

No big deal. 

But I am beginning to hate the blogoshpere.  I’m beginning to see that my place in it is absolutely meaningless.  And that everything posted on these websites and blogs of experience and understanding don’t really help anyone, they merely add fuzz to the already gray truth of modern Paganism.  And the saddest thing about the Mauve Land of Paganism is that all those Pagan bloggers know that Paganism has no articulated standard of anything – No god standard, no practice standard, no congregational standard, no believer standard…no nada.  So everything posted on any Pagan blog can be truth and can be fact and it can also be complete BS.

What are we after as Pagan Bloggers?

Are we exploring our own truths?  Are we making an attempt to bridge the greater society with our small and religiously messy one?  Are we trying to legitimize a disparaged faith?  Are we after notoriety in a sea of very forgettable faces?

I get the sense with many Pagan Blogs that an agenda of notoriety is at the forefront.  The blog isn’t addressing personal issues but instead is written to garner the attention of major mainstream publication or to win name affect.   I won’t list any here, but it’s specifically why you won’t see many of them on my blogroll…because they’re fake.

There are very few Pagans in our community that I would saddle with the responsibility of representing me and my practice. 

Yet it seems that our representatives are becoming those with the loudest opinion, or those who can quickly post and repost a Pagan related story from the mainstream…

We as Pagans need to begin taking back our leaders…just because a dude can write a blog doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about and it doesn’t mean he should be on a Pagan panel for a major media outlet.  The problem with the blogosphere, in any field, is that anyone can write an article and peddle it out to the world.

It’s paramount to realize that the time of wit is over, that the time of patient and well thought out publishing is gone, and that the noise is beginning to drown the wise.

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