A Rune Meditation: Eiwhaz/Jera:

I’m going to be writing up some of my Rune meditations.  This will be the first of many in an ongoing series.

The Rune Components


The yew is a tree with rough bark,
hard and fast in the earth, supported by its roots,
a guardian of flame and a joy upon an estate.

Eiwhaz is the Rune of the great tree, Yggdrasil, the holder of known and unknown realities, the holder of all worlds, the axis around which everything is rooted and understood.



Summer is a joy to men, when As, the holy King of Heaven,
suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruits
for rich and poor alike.

Jera is the Rune of the harvest.  It is the Rune that underlies the system by which our earthly world is understood – it is the mystery of time and its passage, the effect of planting and reaping, the turning of the seasons, and the movement of our lives through physical existence.

The Practice

Allow yourself to achieve calm, however you do this is fine, allowing the a sense of patience and calm, and gentle time to wash around you.  Find that meditative state that is yours, without pressure, sit and be still.

Breath deep and feel the reversal of that breath – Instead of the breath originating in the head through the nose or mouth – allow the breath to dip low into your belly and feel the breath as growing first within the belly and up to the head.  Relax the solar plexus region – relax the hips – relax the groin – breath deep and slow.

Envision Eiwhaz outlined over your body.  The bottom leg that extends out enters at the base of your spine – with each breath it ignites down into you – down first into your spine then up along it’s shaft.  Travel with your breath, moving your attention into your body along the path of Eiwhaz.

Your in-breath takes you only halfway up the body, and only half way up into Eiwhaz.  Your out breath sees the patterhn through – starting in your chest and pushing out through the top of your head, but not straight out – remember that eiwhaz as another leg bending down, allow your out breath to travel all the way.

Breath in — Breath out.  do this until your presence is focused and in line, until your are the axis of your existence, the power of your world rests in your hands, for you are the axis about which your life turns, around which all your choices spin, around all that you know is possible.

Eiwhaz should be energizing the tip of your spine, igniting the base with a sexual energy.

Jera can now be contemplated as all that is literally around you, all that can be known, the room about you, your job, all that is known through the movement of time.

Spend time in this breathing….spend time understanding the relationship between the Orbit of Jera and the Axis of Eiwhaz.

Be the power of your choices and know that everything which spins around you is merely a symptom of time and now.

Take a few deep breaths to come back to yourself – voice your name a few times – feel the support of the land beneath you.

You are the Axis, you are Eiwhaz.

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