Tarot decks: preferred and home crafted

These are the decks I use most often…there are others I want but that’s a different post.

The Fradella Adventure deck.  This deck uses images of superheroes and villains to portray the scenes typically found in more traditional (and boring)  Rider-Waite decks.  No it’s not filled with pictures of Wizards and lantern wielding Hermits, but it’s images are wondrously animated.  Also, the fiction Ezine put out by the iHero team responsible for creating this deck tells the stories of the Heroes and Villains found upon the 78 cards.  Here’s the Heirophant from the deck, which depicts The Swan:

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The other deck I like is the Lord of the Rings Tarot by Peter Pracownik & Terry Donaldson.  This deck is great and probably my favorite to work with.  Its symbolism is right on the money.  I like decks that have a story behind them and that don’t just portray static scenes.  This deck takes the  hokus-pokus out of tarot, much like the Fradella deck, but does so in a way the bridges both the modern mind and  the mythic one.

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The last one I’ve been using more recently is a self created Star Wars themed deck.  I fused three different regular card playing decks together to create it.  I scoured the internet for a Star Wars tarot specific deck, and could only find a few cards that represented the Major Arcana.  Some were good, and some were not.  In the end I used regular sets of playing cards, but with a Star Wars theme.

Firstly I’m using: Diamonds=Pentacles, Hearts=Cups, Clubs=Wands, Spades=Wands.  The numbers are the same and the only difference is that I left out Knights as is common in playing cards.  I’m not going to go into detail here as to why I use Spades for Wands or any of the other specifics – there are plenty of resources for this, and in the end I went with how I felt about it. Here’s a sample image from the finished deck:

The light bordered cards are the Minor Arcana cards – The black bordered cards are the Majors.  This is only a sample, the whole deck is done and has been used quite often.   Most of the Minor Arcana scenes are in line with Rider-Waite meanings, and I have to admit I was quite shocked at just how close they truly are.

If you’re interested here are the decks I used to construct the Star Wars Tarot.

Minor Arcana = Star Wars Famous Quotes Playing Card Deck

Major Arcana = Star Wars Heroes and Villains Playing Cards  –

All decks were bought at a dollar store, separate, and I probably spent less than $5 on all of them.  As you can see I sleeved them.  The reason is two fold; I want this deck to last and the sets have different card backings making it difficult to get an honest reading.  I thought about inking the backs but these sets are not laminated and I felt the ink would go right through.  I would love to get rid of the sleeves, so if anyone as any ideas please share.

Here’s a list of the Majors, which some may disagree with:

Fool = Wicket

Magician = Lando

High Priest/ess = Qui-Gon Jinn

Queen = Leia

King = Han

Homemade Force

Hierophant = Yoda

Lovers = Padme Amidala

Chariot = Biker Scout

Strength = C3PO

Hermit = Obi-Wan (Episode 4)

Wheel = R2D2

Justice = Luke (Episode 6)

Hangman = Anakin (Episode 3)

Death = Darth Vader

Temperance = Bail Organa

Devil = Darth Maul

Tower = Boba Fett (Episode 6)

Star = Mon Mothma (Episode 4)

Moon = Stormtrooper

Sun = Boss Nass (holds a glowing orb above head)

Judgement – Grand Moff Tarkin

World = Shmi Skywalker

2 Replies to “Tarot decks: preferred and home crafted”

  1. I like the Fradella and use it alot. Some readers are put off by the masks instead of cups, but I think it adds to the readings. Nice job on the handmade deck. Anyway, good to find another Fradella fan.

  2. The Fradella stands out and challenges the Tarot norm…tarot can be fun and doesn’t have to be such a heavy endeavor.

    Thanks for stopping by Kathryn. Love your crafty blog!


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