Wrong Way Reiki

Recently I became a Reiki Master.  It took me about a week, and it was cheap (well I should say cheaper than the usual in person way) . With that said Reiki was nothing new to me; I had done research for a few years prior, practiced Reiki style meditations, and during the course I read all of the material provided – some of it a few times.

I’m not going to explain what Reiki is, you can search engine that sucker yourself.


But what it isn’t, in my very humble opinion, is a practice or discipline that warrants Big Bucks and alot of time to understand, develop, and use. Like any discipline however,  it does get stronger with practice and should be genuinely studied to understand.

There are online ways to study Reiki, just as there are ways to take college classes online. Why should studying Reiki be any different?  Especially if Reiki is something we all inherently have access to and can use.

And that’s the conundrum.  If Reiki is everywhere and flows in everything how are people going to make money from it?  The only way becomes to limit its availability…and the way to do that is to charge crazy amounts of money to learn Reiki systems of healing.  You see the problem; it’s a limitless energy, always present, yet limited to those with thousands of dollars to gain access to.

Reiki is billed as an everywhere and everything energy; Limits of time and space do not limit Reiki, in fact many healings are done on Recipients not in the same location as the Practitioner, and sometimes Practitioners send Reiki energy to the past and the future. I’m not saying that you have to believe this, I’m only saying what Reiki has been advertised as in books, magazines, and most – if not all – of the Reiki material.

So why is there a stigma associated with online Reiki learning?  Good question.  Because according to the rules of Reiki it should be perfectly fine to receive an Attunement via a video – because time does not affect Reiki, and it should be fine to also receive an Attunement via a webcam – because again distance is not a question, and to study with a recognized Master through modern technology should be an obvious option as well.

Here’s my recommendation to folks interested in learning Reiki; buy a few books on the subject, read a few blogs about it, watch a few of the videos available online.  After you’ve done that you’ve probably got tons more information than someone going into a Reiki 1 or 2 class cold.  If your new to working with and moving energy start practicing, again there are some good sites and books to help you.  If you don’t meditate, or are unfamiliar with the Esoteric principles of concentration and focus begin to practice those things. If your the kind of person who needs help with these new concepts take a Reiki class.  But if your not new to Reiki, meditation, energy work, and other esoteric practices there shouldn’t be a problem doing it online.

What I’m saying is that if you really want to learn about Reiki do it, and be honest about it.  If you take a course online be sincere about how good you are at the things I mentioned.  Because in the end you have to learn those things, and being good at them will determine how good of a Reiki student or practitioner you are.

The problem with offering Reiki online, or any other program of study online, is that anyone can do it.  Anyone, even if they have never heard of Reiki can become a Reiki Master in a short time with the click of a button.  Just like anyone can take a Community College course online and learn how to make stained glass windows.  A Reiki Master who trains via an online format cannot guarantee that every student is studying and practicing the art of Reiki the way they should be or at least the way being taught.

My opinion is that Reiki online training is a viable option for those sincerely studying the art; I think that distance Attunements do what they are meant to do, and I also think, on the flip-side, that online training can be abused by people who only want a fast certification and don’t care about the history of Reiki or what it has become.

Reiki training, like any other discipline, has to be learned honestly regardless of the means through which it is transmitted.

(My Reiki training was actually a personal preliminary requirement to learning another system of healing based on Runes, called Run Valdr.  I didn’t want to receive a Run Valdr attunment until I had a foundation in Reiki, the spiritual predecessor of Run Valdr.)

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