Rune Reading

Rune reading for me is an intuitive process.  I like to cast sticks without Runes etched into them and simply read the patterns that form within the sticks.  I use a multitude of ways with my personal readings though; from using Rune dice, to using Tarot in conjunction with Runes, and using various Futharks

For me casting sticks can work well, but I think people tend to like the look  and attention that comes with the placing of cards, or the casting of stones.

This is the guide that I have been using for more Tarot-style Rune readings.  The mat is mine and didn’t come from a book or expert…unless I have unintentionally reproduced it from a reference of which I am unaware.

Generally I’m not a fan of using Runes in a Tarot like manner, but I can live with it.  And this pattern seems to function pretty well for Querents that may not have a specific question but want a more “What’s going on in my life at this moment, and what’s around the corner” kind of reading.

The Runes you see on the mat are not a casting, but a guide for what the location relates too.  The reading answers life questions on three levels:

The Vertical – Symbolized by Raidho, Eiwhaz, Laguz – Which deals with the self through Mind, Body , and Soul.  This is the Querents current state of being.

The Horizontal – Symbolized by Fehu, Hagal, Tyr – Which deals with the terrestrial life of the individual via the first Rune of each Aett and takes into account the caste system hierarchy found in Indo-European societies; Workers,Warriors, and Rulers/Priests.  This is to be read as what is around the corner for Money/Health/and Well Being/Personal Force

The Liminal – Symbolized by Mannaz, Jera, Ansuz – Direct advice that should be heeded in order to improve oneself, to function properly, and how to better ones relationship with the given world in question.  This advice is a directive from the world of Man, the world of Nature, and the world of the gods.

As you can see there is a chronological component here as well.  The Vertical is Now – The Horizontal is Becoming – The Liminal has a more “To be Developed” quality, and requires perhaps a longer frame of reference.

Overall I would place a Time frame of 3-6 months on this reading for the Querent.

Future divination patterns and practices forthcoming.

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