Meditation: the horror

Something that bothers me is hearing about the difficulty that Pagans, Occultists, Esotericists have with Meditation, or its practice.

I read this all the time, from people beginning Occult programs or Pagan study.  People even use the excuse that they are a specific Type of Psychological personality and just not capable of Meditation.  What a load.

Here’s a news flash:  You can’t meditate because you don’t meditate.  You’ve been so acclimated to a culture that forces you to externalize every compulsion that it’s impossible, or at least you’ve convinced yourself that it is, to recognize that something good can be internally generated.

A moment

Our culture is so divorced from the Body and the Self and the realization that Wisdom first comes from Self, that meditation, the act of Silence and Self contemplation is utterly horrific.  When did the Body and the Self become second?  When did modern culture so annihilate the human spirit that man can no longer look within for a few minutes in his twenty-four hour day just to Sit and be Still?

The reason why meditation is such a challenge is because you’ve been socialized to think that Wisdom always comes from Outside and that it always has to be about the Struggle of Doing.

Meditation, or Silent Sitting, or Contemplative Breathing reminds one’s Self that you are more than the Busy human being engaged in non-stop action, that you are first an individual of immense importance and truth and that also, at the same time you’re probably not that important but just as important as everything else and that’s wondrously important 🙂

In magic(k) focus and intent are central.  Without a practice of Meditation, a Magician is like a wheel-barrow with no handles – you’ve got all the necessary parts but for that which steers the business around.   Meditation helps you understand your Will, how Energy moves, how concentration changes, and how to be Still and reap the benefits of Calm.

Something else I hear is the lovely excuse from Initiates about how they can only meditate when walking or running or engaged in an artistic endeavor.  As a Runner who loves to Run, I can tell you that Sitting meditation is a whole different ball game.  The concentration that comes from endeavor is wholly different than the benefits garnered from Sitting Meditation.

Disagree with me all you want.  I’m sure there are some who’ll read this and say that I have it all wrong.  Somewhere down the line the difficulty of meditation has been internalized and that Initiate/Dedicant was told that it’s fine to not be able to Sit alone with yourself for 10 long minutes – But why is it such a difficult task?  Is it because in that silence there may be things you’re afraid of? It takes courage to Sit with yourself.  All the Stuff , Books, and Wisdom of this world can’t give you an ounce of what 5 minutes alone can give.

The Magicians/Pagans/Mystics/Occultists first stop on the road to learning begins with the Body.


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