Book flood

I’m a reader.  I don’t mean that to sound as though I do light reading, or that I have an interest in books.  I read constantly, and I think many Pagans/Occultists are the same way.

Yesterday it was time to purge my collection.  For about two weeks I had been waiting for friends to come by and peruse my collection and pick out what they wanted before I took the whole mess to my favorite Used Book Store.

In the end only one of my friends stopped by, and he took a total of three books, which didn’t even punch a peep-hole in the collection.


Every few years I do this.  Every few years I collect so many books that I need to just give them away, trade them for credit at the Used Book Store, or leave them at the local charity bookstore.  Mostly these are Fantasy, Scifi, and Horror titles and mostly fiction.  I rarely part with non-fiction, as I’m pretty picky about my non-fiction choices and they tend to be good or useful in some way.

So, now after hauling a few hundred books to the Used Book Store of choice, I still have about 30 more that will go to the charity book store that gives all proceeds to the local library system.  And when my wife came home yesterday from work she still said “We have a lot of books.”  Because we do, or I do…after all that work I still have books that never leave my house.

…and now that I have about 150$ in trade-in credit at my bookstore of choice not only will my collection grow once more, but many of my old books may return.  The problem with frequenting the same bookstore for twenty years is that you find yourself buying and re-buying some of the same books…as long as the money stays local I guess that’s a good thing.

2 Replies to “Book flood”

  1. Wow!

    What is the name of the bookstore!? I’ll just bet there are tons of good buys after you drop your old books off.

    I surely need to cull my books out too. I doubt I’ll part with many of my path books though. But someday I may actually pry my fingers off them and do just what you have done. IT’s good for the core of your being to do these things, I’m sure!

    Thanks for the previous post too, about leading an active pagan path. I’ve sometimes called that “Positive Paganism”.

    It’s true about having the altar. Actually, an altar can be found out in the woods as well.

    Let me tell you a quick story. When my brother passed, I was so sad, but felt I needed time with him and the way for that to be gotten was to go up into the mountains, so I did. After a many curvy turns on a narrow mountain road, I pulled over and climbed a fence that wasn’t there many years before the last time I traveled that way. I climbed to the top of steep incline to get among the edge of the forest trees. I found a flat rock about the size of a plate only oblong. It was green in color. I had my candles and incense with me and a small offering. I sat in contemplation after lighting the candle. After awhile my heart was jumping out of my chest, speaking volumes to my bother who I felt needed to know I was trying very hard to let him go, but whom I was embracing with love and memories for this time. His memorial was to be later that evening with friends and family.

    I watched a heard of steer run across a meadow below, then I heard a grunt over the way from me by a few hundred yards. Then I heard a murmuring growl. It was time to go. A bear was sleeping nearby somewhere and I imagine he might be talking to me for my brother, but it was time to go, so I did. As I left the height of that steep incline, I felt refreshed and as if some weight had been lifted from my heart. A close friend of his and her sister were waiting at the car for me. They had traveled up here with me to please him, not really me, but at my request.

    That day in the cool mountain air, I’d left the offering and carried the flat rock altar with me in memory of my brother. I have it placed at the foot of my sliding glass door, facing out the window at the mountains where if he was spending any time there with me, would be able to see Sierra Blanca. On the altar I have set a round rock and a large amethyst, and a cactus stick. The cactus stick is a remnant of the old cactus tree that was here on the land when we arrived that was very tall and we used to call Grandfather, as it was an old plant, I could tell. So Grandfather stick is set there. That is the stick. The round rock is just a rock I really like and it’s large like a baseball. My brother loved games, so I suppose this is a remnant of that time he and I were children and later when he was grown, he still loved games.

    My contemplations are far from soundless or empty. In fact, I have to work at clearing out for new mental furniture which I am actively doing.

    Be well and have wonderful blessings on this High Day of Winter Solstice,

  2. It indeed was a purge getting rid of those books. And usually I feel very good about cleaning out old books, *things* can sometimes keep us in places we should have moved on from years ago.

    Thank you for sharing your experience Polarity. The spontaneity of your memorial is very inspiring.

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