Start it

I get asked once in awhile how those interested in Paganism can begin being Pagan.

1.  Read mythology and Primary source material.

2. Practice as a Pagan.

3.  Keep an altar.

Many Pagans think they’re Pagan simply because they say they are.  I can believe all day that I’m a writer, but if I don’t write anything I’m not sure I can sincerely say that I am one.  Paganism is a religion of doing, not believing.

Not my Altar

Our ancestors insured the fertility of the land through sacrifice, they actively sought communication and a relationship with the gods and ancestors.  Believing that the land would be fertile did not cut it with the Paleo-Pagans.  They gave offerings to the wights and beings of the land…giving so that the community or family would be blessed in return.

The best way to begin being a Pagan is to keep an Altar.  Building an Altar is easy; find and gather things that say “sacred” to you.  For me this has always meant small and/or natural things like twigs, pine cones, a candle, an ancestor symbol, runes or a stone carved with a single rune that exemplifies what I think I need to emulate in my life.  Once the Altar is built take some time each day or a few times a week to light the candle and contemplate what is sacred about what you have gathered, what the altar symbolizes, and just to sit in quiet contemplation.

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