A kind of Magic: Followup

Wednesday night I held an ADF/Druidry style rite.  It was for the local group of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, who are mostly Wiccan.  Due to some rain and wind that rolled in just as we were about to setup, the rite was moved indoors.  About twenty people gathered in a sitting circle around the cauldron of fire and the bowl of water that served as the Well.

It went well.  My rite included many of the ADF norms and followed the COoR pretty well.  The only things I left out were the Gatekeeper and full honorings to the Kindred.  My inspiration for the ritual format came from two ADF scripts  concerning Full Moon rituals: #1  and #2


The reason for leaving these out was a personal choice.  I felt that since this was meant to be an Esbat ritual, honoring the Full (harvest) Moon, it wasn’t necessary to call upon the Gatekeeper to relay our actions and part the veil between worlds.  As the Moon (Mani) is seen in Midgard as well as all the other worlds I felt our deeds and words would be readily seen and heard.  My decision to leave the Gatekeeper out naturally led to my decision to leave out offerings to the Ancestors and the gods…not because these aren’t important, but because the focus of the rite was specifically geared toward the Full Moon and Mani’s immediate and very timely effects.

We did honor the Landwights (nature spirits) simply because no rite in my opinion has any standing unless the local spirits are accepting of what is taking place.  We also honored Mani, as the Moon, being that the rite was Heathen in its cultural focus.

Three people volunteered to take up the roles of Warrior,Bard, and Seer.  They did a wonderful job.

Here’s a bit from the ritual script:

We gather as a people, as the folk of this land and place To honor the passing of time, the culmination of deeds and actions.

To begin anew.

 We gather this night, on the night of the full moon to honor Manni, he who travels the dark sky, who travels the day and reckons time, to stand within the light of mystery and the light of magic.

From the Alvissmal Manni is named;

‘Moon’ with men, ‘Flame’ with gods,

‘The Wheel’ in the house of helheim;

‘The Goer’ to the Jotuns,  ‘The Gleamer’ to the dwarfs,

and whome The elves name ‘The Teller of Time’.” 

I developed a short meditation, not unlike the Two Powers meditation, meant to meld within the participants the power/blessing of the land and Landwights with the magic and mystery of the Full Moon.   This was followed by a time of personal offerings and magic.  Many chose to participate in this, and the words of those offering sacrifice into the flame were incredibly moving.  Followed by the Omen and then the return flow of the ‘Waters of Life’.

It was a good night.

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