Odd Places

Recently I discovered that one of my friends has been involved in and interested in Pagan/Occult matters for many years.  This wasn’t an absolute shock to me…I was however a little disappointed that I hadn’t asked him about it sooner or that

morgoth and fingolfin by zdrava

neither of us had been more open among our friends about our faith or practice.

We had a good conversation last night over a game of cards

regarding sources and books for magic(k)al practices, what we are practicing, and a little more.  I kept thinking to myself that maybe I’m not as open about my faith as I could be.  I’ve

been a pagan for most of my adult life, I’ve been Pagan for more of my life than not, but I can literally count on one hand the number of close friends and family members who know or who have known that I am a Pagan.

I’m a private person, and Paganism/Occultism is something I’ve learned to not advertise.  Though I am fairly active in our

own community I don’t broadcast my faith, and more and more I’m analyzing why those who may not be represented in the mainstream culture feel obligated to shelter parts of their lives from the criticism of others.

For the most part I don’t hide anything from anyone, but I’m wondering these days if simply not overtly avoiding the conversation is enough.  If we have faith are we doing it justice, or living it honorably if  it’s a hush hush topic?

I’ve put that behind me.  For awhile now I’ve been committed to not hiding any aspects of my life, I don’t go on Facebook or Youtube and broadcast my life choices to the entire world, but I have been making a more conscious choice not to limit interactions regarding my faith.

2 Replies to “Odd Places”

  1. Good Going! I like this approach to the subject! Why do we step so lightly around about our paths? Of course, we don’t like critisism and I avoid problems when possible. I am, however, sorry if people aren’t pleased that I haven’t asked their permission to believe as I will, or that it doesn’t suit them.

    Again, Great Going!

    Be well,

  2. The question of sheltering ourselves is a deep concern for me. The more I walk in my faith, the more I realize that it is something of which to be proud. The question is, who are we protecting when we are not living openly about our faiths?
    Are we protecting the fragile ego’s of those around us? Or are we protecting our own ego’s from the criticism of those who may be ignorant to alternative ways of living and thinking.
    Thanx for reading.

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