A kind of Magic

This month I’ll be conducting a ritual with the local UU.  It’s an esbat, full moon ritual…many, if not all of the attendees will be Wiccan.  It’s not my first ritual in a leader role, but certainly my first with no Druids or specifically Heathen folks.

So I’m thinking of a way to perform the rite in the best manner, and for a few reasons I’m having some difficulty:

1. I’m not a Wiccan

2. I’m not a full moon ritual type guy – I’ve never associated my practice with the night, most of my practice is conducted during the day.


The rite will be performed under the ADF framework regardless of who attends and from a Heathen perspective:  that means more or less holding to the COoR, but I intend to slim it down a bit for the Esbat as I don’t think a whole run through is necessary for non-High Day rite.

I’m probably going to ask a few of the regulars if they’d like to take up some of the additional roles needed for an ADF style rite – The Warrior, Bard, Seer.  I perhaps will fill the role of both Senior Druid(Godhi) and Seer for the rite.

As I’m not a fan of scripted ritual, I’ll more than likely write up the ritual format, outlining what I want to present to assist those who will participate in understanding their roles, and be able to wing it with confidence at the actual presentation of the rite.


From Alvissmal-

Thor spake:
13. “Answer me, Alvis! | thou knowest all,
Dwarf, of the doom of men.:
What call they the moon, | that men behold,
In each and every world?”

Alvis spake:
14. “‘Moon’ with men, ‘Flame’ | the gods among,
‘The Wheel’ in the house of hell;
‘The Goer’ the giants, | ‘The Gleamer’ the dwarfs,
The elves ‘The Teller of Time.”

Thor spake:
15. “Answer me, Alvis! | thou knowest all,
Dwarf, of the doom of men:
What call they the sun, | that all men see,
In each and every world?”

Alvis spake:
16. “Men call it ‘Sun,’ | gods ‘Orb of the Sun,’
‘The Deceiver of Dvalin’ the dwarfs;
The giants ‘The Ever-Bright,’ | elves ‘Fair Wheel,’
‘All-Glowing’ the sons of the gods.”


Possible beings to be honored include Mani, Bil, and Hjúki




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