Wyrd Words

From the blog of Mark Ludwig Stinson:

“My Godhi, Rod Landreth, was the first to say this to me. I don’t know if its original to him, but I do know it made quite an impact on me.

‘We live in Saga times, what is your Saga? Is it worthy of your children’s children’s children to tell about the fire?’ “


Some of the things he links to this statement are:

Are you reading and learning about our native Folkway?

Do you teach your children about Heathenry?

Are you living heathen, and modeling a heathen way of life for your children?

Do you honor your Gods and Ancestors, and involve your children in you ways?

Are you maintaining and strengthening your marriage and your family?

Are you working as hard as you can at home, at work, and just generally in your life?

Have you taken the time to get to know other heathens in you area and region?


The full post can be found here


A powerful statement to think about…

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