Mysteries Mysteriously Missing

I’ll confess I’m a bit of an old schooler when it comes to believing in keeping secret magickal doings and occult wisdom.  I guess I’m also a hyporcrite then as well, because I’ll be the first to watch that youtube video of the LBRP performed by a lonely black robed magic man in his living room or another performed by a very hip gentlemen in sweet denim and an awesome t-shirt that subtly proclaims him as a Magician to be feared.

In the age of communication and information is anything sacred?  Are we willing, as Pagans and Magicians to publish and post anything just to be seen doing it?  I think some folks who share their altar setups on youtube should ask themselves why their about to let the world see their most private sanctum. And not only see them but make stupid comments about them.

I wonder if the occultists of the Revival era would be so quick to allow such things to be viewable by just anyone.

There is some merit in educating others.  Paganism to me is about community, a large facet to modern Paganism involves working with and helping others to realize their potential as well ones own.  And this Blog, though simple in scope, and not meant to deliver much in the way of my personal workings, does provide and probably will provide some of my personal practices.  I guess I’m of two minds.  When it comes to general Pagan tidbits of lore and practice I don’t see a problem.  But I still like the idea of having to enter an Order, and to be Initiated in order to be privy to the magic(k)al secrets of it’s members and it’s sacred alcoves.

Maybe I’m just an occult romantic….

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