Things of interest

Two videos recently caught my attention.  Both are ADF related and both are worth a good amount of attention, if you have the time.

The first is titled a A Druid Dialog.  This video discusses what ADF is and does from some of it’s previous Archdruids as well as from the organizations current leader, Kirk Thomas.  It does a fine job of portraying ADF in it’s current form as well as how it may be different from other NeoPagan orgs.

The second is the installation of the previously mentioned Archdruid:

Of specific interest to me is of course the ritual form, the humor, and the free form example of ritual.  Also the words spoken by Kirk’s absent partner are exceptionally apt for anyone living a life outside the accepted norms.

One Reply to “Things of interest”

  1. Hi there and thank you for the words. I always enjoy your posts.
    I’ve reviewed these videos and I agree that Kirk, the current Arch Druid of ADF, his partner surely made some relevant conversation regarding affecting change in this life rather than sitting by waiting for things to just happen; to make change and be a part of the current is the least any of us can do in reciprocity for this gift of life we have been given. I’d say it’s important to get up and attempt to make change, although not to just do it to say you did, but to do it and be effective in doing it. Even a random act of kindness is worth a shot, then to watch the ripple affect. I do need to look up the difference between the two words (and actions) again as I always get ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ confused after awhile.

    More so, even the random act of kindness is ‘random’ and therefore may not provide ample opportunity one may seek to truly affect a stronger point of change desired. It’s worth meditating upon to see how any of us may do something while we pass through this life.

    Something else, each of the Arch Druids of ADF certainly have different personalities, but funny how they each appreciate much of the same certainties found in ADF! They all live different lifestyles, yet each has played a significant part in assisting to build ADF into the organization it is today. I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed knowing each of them, with the exception of ‘Fox’. I’ve never had conversation with him and he was around and exiting his Arch Druid place as Skip was entering. The other past Arch Druids have played a huge and active role even after their Arch Druid place was expired. I believe they realized that they were not truly done.

    As for my part in affecting change, I have done a fair amount of donating my time, and energy, and resources in our own Pagan area just to find there were those who would work significantly harder against my efforts. This was shocking to me if not also discouraging at times. I came to understand that these are lessons and preparations of greater things to come. I had to ask myself why would people behave in such a manner toward the efforts and strides I made in paving the way. Well, certainly, paving the way, people wish to be accredited for these things, so I began to understand that the self importance given to those in such a way would soon wash with time. I only wished to find and have community myself. All credit goes equally to those who walk the talk, otherwise freely given (and donated). I continue to puzzle over such a waste of energy these negatives have contributed in seeking this type of validation of ill gotten community. It is a good thing to work together, be kind, and ‘do the right action’.

    Affecting change as I am able,

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