Start the Week

I’ve noticed that I write alot about my practice.  In the end I feel that a pagan practice, mine being specifically polytheist and heathen oriented, is about practice.  That means that it has very little to do with belief and instead has everything to do with doing, experience, and action.

Sunday I mentally set out the weeks expectation of practice – Will I give offerings merely three times a week?  Will I work with and sacrifice to specific gods/goddesses selected before hand, or will I merely honor the deities that coincide with the names of the week?  Will I get up early to greet the sun, and maybe perform my devotional outside? I like to have this worked out because it gives my practice a sense of discipline.

It’s important to me to begin Sunday then with a fairly meaty offering and devotional.  This means that I take my time, I don’t rush it.  I think of Sunday as the headwaters that supply the waters of intent and purpose for the rest of the week, so getting a good vibe going and a good discipline set up for Sunday helps the rest of my daily doings seem better energized and fruitful.

Another thing to think about is any Magic(k)al or Sorceric leaning events that I may need to get ready for.  By ready I mean are there certain activities I need to implement such as exercises or meditations that will prepare me, body and soul, for the working; Are there tools I need to gather in order to successfully develop and accomplish a working?  A big part of Sorcery/Magic(k) is in the expectation, the building up of thoughts, ideas, and the Magician’s personae prior to the working.

That’s not to say that magic(k) can’t just be thrown together, but I find that my skill is enhanced greatly when I allow the power to develop and allow the working to ruminate for a few days, or even a few weeks.

I’m also contemplating the purchase of Ian Corrigan’s The Book of Summoning .  Not sure if I need another book like this in my collection.  But it looks like it’s got some good stuff that may be helpful to the Pagan Sorcerer.




2 Replies to “Start the Week”

  1. What about a post journal of these things, after-the-fact, for further and future reference? Some journal proposed thoughts and intentions, then follow-up for outcome, then perhaps more follow-up of results that pan out of a greater span.

    Just thinking….
    Be well,

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