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A treatise that I don’t think gets enough play in ADF is Brandon Newberg’s Ancient Symbols, Modern Rights.  You’ll probably need access to the ADF website to get the file…If you want to read it just send me an email and I’ll get it out to you.

Many people who experience an ADF style ritual for the first time, especially those not familiar with our form of Neopagan Druidry, are confused about why we do certain things.  Many Neopagans, whether they admit it or not, are greatly influenced by Wiccan ways of doing ritual.  This means that when given the opportunity to take part in ADF ritual they may be left out in the dark about certain activities or left wondering why a circle wasn’t cast, why there was no mention of the God or a Goddess, or who exactly are/were the Kindred.

Ancient Symbols, Modern Rights or ASMR is the book that will give you the answers.  If you’re new to ADF and just starting to tackle the Dedicant material you may want have a copy of it available.  It answers the questions that you’ll have about Outsiders, why the Well, Fire, and Tree are important, it will give you examples from myth and history as to why a certain step in the Core Order of Ritual or COoR is done.

I wish I would have had this book when I was a Dedicant and struggling with the new concepts I found in ADF, simply because the ASMR gives examples, and more importantly presents ways our Indo-Euro ancestors utilized or at least envisioned a particular aspect of the COoR.

While I wouldn’t ever say that any book should be mandatory reading, ASMR should be read by every ADF member.  It’s a small thing really, about 83 pages, well formatted and extremely easy to reference and research what you’re looking for.


ASMR lays out each step of the COoR as follows:

COoR step

Key Terms





Ancient and Modern


Related Reasing



Brandon Newberg’s Blog is worth a read and can be found here:


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