Manifesting Mystery

Interesting title.

Been thinking lately about the ability to manifest mysterious occurrences.  As a sometimes Magician this is something I am interested in.  Further I would say that I enjoy playing with the universes strange ability to give us exactly what we feed into our self-formed world, whether we seek limitations or possibilities.

I’ve experimented with this to some success..we’ll leave it at that.


Certain memes are more powerful than others of course.  Those that aren’t completely separated from mass popularity or societal norms work best, or are at least the easiest to court. Which is probably an answer as to why our world continues along the course it always has – The masses believe that it will and their actions from within that belief manifest its outcome.

My feeling is that the more fringe event you court the harder it becomes to implement.  Let’s say that I want to have an alien abduction experience.  We all have seen the fake grey aliens, whether on a t-shirt or on TV, and most of us have seen an X-Files episode or two, so the Alien Abduction phenomena is not so crazy for our minds to understand…nor then is it so difficult for our reality, our universe to manifest that bit of fearful fun for us.

I wouldn’t pretend to know why this works, but only that strange things can manifest when one invests time into making them become.

Now a good Magician would take this bit of programming knowledge and tease it free of it’s foothold in imagination – that term that garners so much ridicule in our culture of fact and material – and realize the lessons that can be found by keeping such a tool handy in ones utility belt of Wizarding gadgets.
Just a bit on my mind lately…
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