Portable Altar

New Project:  Constructing a new and improved traveling altar.

My old one just ain’t cutting it anymore; It’s really a simple matchbook box with a slim candle stick, a hunk of twig, and a small tea lite candle holder for a Well.

The new and improved portable will be smaller and slimmer containing images of the Fire, Well, and Tree on three separate pieces of card sized wood.  The beauty of this is that the portable will be functional without a live flame or even water.  Now I’m sure purists will say that it won’t really be an ADF/Druidic style altar without those things…but for me it’s more about understanding the Fire, Well, and Tree and what they symbolize, and being able to both internalize and properly activate them externally that matters.  Granted sacrifices given to a card with a picture of fire on it won’t have the same effect, but that’s not the point.

The point is that my new Portable can literally be carried in my pocket, and it’s workable right out of the tin, without anything extra.  So in a pinch, on a trip, or in an emergency I have what I need to continue my practice.

One thing I’m adding to my New Portable is a PocketMod journal. As I won’t post the finished product of my New Portable Traveling Altar I’ll show you the before pic.

Yes, that's a Burt's Bees tin

The cover of the PocketMod journal bears  “The Gate Sigil”, a piece created by Ian Corrigan.  More ADF inspired sigils can be found here.

Here’s a look at the entire PocketMod journal that will be in my Portable:

Click 4 Full View

The PocketMod journal can be downloaded here as a PDF: Druids Traveling Journal

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