Along the Rio

One of the things I like to do is walk by the Rio Grande.  It is after all the heart of the area in which I live, and as someone practicing a Pagan religion, it is important to honor the mother, or the local river goddess that inhabits it.  So, I took some time today to go down by the river for a walk and touch a bit of her majesty.

I do this several times a year, walking along the banks of the Rio Grande.  At one point I thought seriously about starting up a Druidic grove in my area (and do still), whose Patron would be the River goddess…maybe that will still happen one of these days.

Except for a few springs around, there is very little water…in fact we’ve been in the throws of a drought lasting 110+ days without rain, the Rio is a reminder of the life that water provides.

Skip Ellison, former Archdruid of ADF, has a decent intro course on his website called Getting in touch with the Land , it’s free and a good introduction to listening to the landwights that inhabit a locale.  I will say it’s not revolutionary material, but it will provide a bit of interesting information and exercises for those wanting to deepen a connection with their land.

My practice is a simple one:  If one wants to honor such land spirits it’s as simple as making an offering.  If you go for a walk in the park or a hike on a wilderness trail carry some sunflower seeds or some other food or drink that the local wildlife will enjoy, spend some time quietly sitting under a tree – touch the land, and leave an offering with a thank you to the beings who enliven the area.  We all now the peace that comes from being among trees or walking in fields, that is the spirit of the place…remember to acknowledge it.

2 Replies to “Rio”

  1. Wonderful observing what is about us that we are a part of. I love this picture. My Sig wanted me to pass along your blog link so guess he’s planning to put you as a part of his daily reading list. :>
    Keep those offerings rolling in.
    I must say, that I was thrilled we did have rain shortly after I returned home. I had contact with Bringer of Storms, Taranus, during my ride with Warder of the Ways between the Worlds, Manannan mac Lir, as I passed through oblivian and back to our physical realm. The Shining Ones knew I was weak and expected nothing at all from me but to remember them, and I did. They remembered me back. Water is so precious and I believe your observance of the Spirit of the Rio Grande would be well received. You may want to try it, forming that grove.
    Be well,

  2. I appreciate you stopping by, Polarity. Always nice to hear that it rained up in your neck of the woods, or desert that is.

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